Beat Face Triumphs: Golden Globe Edition

It’s award season and the red carpet has been swarming with “Yes ma’am’s” and few “Girl why’s” BUT such is life. To be honest I haven’t watched any awards or Red Carpet specials but thankfully I can keep up with all the style/beauty rave online 🙂

NOW This post was inspired by one very lovely young lady’s appearance on the Golden Globe’s red carpet but before I began to publicly swoon and reveal the inspiration for today let’s take a quick look at some of the other Beat face triumphs on this years:


Kelly Osbourne

Kelly osbourne

I am totally in “swag-awe” of this baby faced purple pompador adorned young lady. What is swag-awe you asked? Aside from it being another last minute mob made word, it means that as far as style, fashion, and beauty choices are concerned she can do no wrong. Of course purple hair isn’t an everybody sort of thing but that makes it all the better and while she tries her limits she always lands some place between Rebellious and Classy. Kudos Kelly ❤

Amy Adams


Amy graced the GG Red carpet with a natural but red carpet appropriate glow. Soft, sweet, classic and beautiful. Everything a lady should be.

Jennifer Lopez


J-lo brought the drama with her give me body tease (hairstyle), her famous “dip it low” double sided tap trick, and that smoldering smokey eye! You know how I love a good smokey eye!So yea,  I’d buy whatever she was selling.

Lupita Nyong’o


Lupita makes me want to spend all my money on skin care products. I mean her skin is so chocolatey smooth I instantly attempt to think of ways to improve the canvass under the makeup. Her makeup choices were nice BUT her skin is what moved me.

Jennifer Aniston


I read in an unrelated and somewhat random article in InStyle magazine that her 40’s are the best years of her life…and if you ask me it shows! Her makeup was fresh and warm, very simple hair style but that smile and glow she wore was her most beautiful accessory. BEAUTIFUL Jen (Like I know her)




Jessica Chastain

Jessica Chastian

Jessica Chastian 2


Jessica SLAYED that carpet stroll with her smokey grey shadow, peachy cheeks, perfect nude lips, and smooth waves. EVERYTHING about her that night including but not limited to the way her skin tone, hair color, and dress of choice complemented each other perfectly…. had me wanting more. So i found more….

Jessica Chastian 3

WERK Jessica Hunni!

Jessica Chastian 4

Jessica Chastian 6


Closeup anyone?

CLose up

Let’s get a load of the whole picture shall we?

Jessica Chastain


So Jessica, Many thanks to you and your (should be every awards ceremony) team for inspiring this post and tickling my fancy! You are a vision of alluring light. Yes ma’am!

Your own kind of beautiful (2)


3 thoughts on “Beat Face Triumphs: Golden Globe Edition

    1. Oh hunni the devil is a lie! You are FAR from anything wrinkled and ugly lol. But one thing all these ladies have that we don’t (yet) is celebrity bank accounts lol. Her skin treatments probably cost an arm and a leg.

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