Balmain Bias: Spring 2015

It’s no secret that I’m having a world wind romance with  Balmain’s entire (past, present, and future ) collection in my head. I try to be as honest as I can with you dolls which means admitting things that aren’t always the easiest to admit. So here goes….while it’s not fair to other designers and it’s totally “un-fashion professional” of me I have an extreme Balmain Bias.

NO WRONG can or ever will be done by this designer in my eyes. Even when I’m not 100% sure why he uses some colors/ fabrics/ celebrities….I end up loving everything he does just the same.

So I once thought the designer behind Balmain was Pierre Balmain:


This genius french designer, although founder of the Balmain fashion house post-war, died in June 1982. So while the pieces I swoon over are made possible by him and more than likely inspired his work…they aren’t his designs.

Balmain has had quite a few successors over the years

Erik Mortensen Pierre Balmain’s “right hand” from 1982-1990

Erik mortenson

Herve Pierre from 1990-1992

pierre_hervepierre_herve work

Ocsar De la Renta lead the fashion house from 1993-2002


Oscar-de-la-Renta-Balmain wrk

Another top designer who’s had their hands in this iconic fashion pot is a guy named Christophe Decarnin who was with Balmain from late 2005 til about Spring 2011 when he had a nasty little split with brand. Ohhh the scandal…..Well you know artists…..they are very sensitive about their ish.

BalmaiChristophe nBalmaiChristophe n work

Interesting trip through Balmain history but that still leaves us back at square one. Who is behind this perfection of fashion???

Oliver Rousteing



So here’s the tea…He was once a designer at Cavalli but Balmain caught his eye as was “more his style”. After the nasty break up with Christophe, Oliver who was then 28 years old became left Cavalli to be the top designer and therefore current and reigning king of Balmainia.


Kimye for Balmian

dress-to-kill nicki minaj

Rihanna in Balmain



Yes he’s built quite a name for himself on Hollywood Blvd…but he KILLS the runway every time…

Balmain Spring/Summer 2015 collection has once again sealed the deal (as if this deal could ever be broken). His use of militant structured garments, below the knee pencil skirts of Winter have seen a splash of tribal patterns, the sway of white chiffon, lace, and well above the knee mini’s this Spring.

detailed white

color blocked menswear

Black and white

Stripped mini dress

All white again

Tribal menswear

BHalmain Bias


One day mobbies………one day lol.

Your own kind of beautiful (2)


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