Update: Dear Spring….

Good morning Doll babies!

My goodness I’ve missed you. It’s been quite a while since I’ve had the time/energy to come by our meeting spot and share my passion for fashion, beauty, and ….well….anything else. I believe I let you dolls know I was going the 9-5 thing on top of school and makeup gigs, so the down time I’ve been having I’ve actually been spending DOWN lol.

Just in case you’ve forgotten who I am………………

First Day of work

Hiiiiiiii !

One of my dolls hit me up on Pinterest like “Umm is everything okay?” And while it warmed my heart to be thought of it made me realize that I was letting go of a little piece of me that I really, really, enjoyed. Not only The Mob but Makeup in general. It’s been at least a month since I’ve done my makeup. And if you can believe it…since I’ve purchased any makeup *shocked face* I can’t believe it myself. Most of my February selfies have been on the way to work..which means:

I was on the Gloss and Go plan.

ANYWAY I have some down time AND a little left over energy so I think I may actually be able to schedule a few post today. I am excited about the coming of Spring and to put this cold, snowy, scary (did I say cold) Winter behind me and look forward to new colors, styles, fresh flowers and warmer weather. ❤

If you haven’t already linked up on some of the other social sites I encourage you to do so! I am usually updating something even when I can’t find it in myself to write halfway interesting content. Pinterest has been a fave of mine lately bc it’s so easy to use……

Pinterest:  https://www.pinterest.com/TheDollMob/

Your own kind of beautiful (2)


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