MAC’s Pro Palette: 6 Preferred Pinks: Review

I’ve been waiting to dabble into these babies! When I got it I tried the purple looking color which is called violetta and I wasn’t extremely happy with the pay off at first, but I was rushed and didn’t use my liner etc. So today I’ll be giving the palette my undivided attention!

Mac's 6 prefered pinks-2

I started from the lightest to the darkest bc I wanted to see the colors on my lips and just in case it stains.

1st Pretty Please (Lustre)…So I’m not the type to wear lipstick without liner but because this is not about the artist in me I’ll just smear this stuff on my lips without doing what I’d normally do.  To get started I packed the lippie on. And I mean PACKED lol. It’s a very sheer light pink…. very pretty, perfect for jr.brides maids and rain dance/prom attendees (ceremonial wise). Not a must have for wedding season in my opinion but not horrible to have either.

 #1Most Definitely not my favorite in the palette on a personal note but I can easily find uses for it professionally.   

2nd Please Me (Matte) First of all I have a matte bias that I need to remind you of. I am a fan of a pretty matte lippie. This color is a mauve or peachy pink with a very smooth matte texture. Do I love it….yes I do. Is it my favorite of the it’s not. In the wedding world most brides I’ve serviced prefer something less drying on their day. The last thing you want to deal with, and problably the last thing you’re prepared to deal with on your wedding day= desert lips. I could still use it for the color and add a little colored gloss to change up the texture a little.


3rd LoveLorn (Lustre) After my first Lustre experience I’m surprisingly pleased with this one and it is my favorite for my brides so far. It reminds me alot of Please Me in color (a little more on the pink side) but it has a very smooth and lightly sheeny finish.It feels good, not as drying as a matte and overall perfect for a wedding day.


I even like the way this lipstick in particular makes my lips look. I didn’t use any chapstick or anything to get the full feel of each lippie. With some of them I wish I had  but with this one…I didn’t need anything and I loved the outcome.

Creme De La Femme(frost) is very subtle almost neutral or natural in color (on my skin tone) but the frosty finish does set it apart from the other pinks being as though it’s the only one in the palette. MAC says it’s a Pink laced with Gold…it game me more of a pink laced with copper. BUT AGAIN…my opinion. I can find uses for this lipstick professionally tho…wedding scenario in particular mother or the bride/groom.#4

Show Orchard (Amplified Creme) at first sight this lippie is an electrifying hot pink color. When applied the color is replaced by a beautiful slightly shimmery fuchsia color. Very pretty and another bridal banger this spring/summer …I’m sure. This color leaves a stain when trying to remove unlike the other colors before it, but a makeup remover wipe gets it off.


Violetta Amplified Cream…what’s more shocking than this not being a purple lipstick is that is is actually quite similar to the show orchid color it’s next to. Why it that strange? Because one looks like a hot pink and the other appears to be a deep grape purple. There is a difference in the two it’s just slight. Violetta has darker violet undertone vs the fuchsia undertone of Show Orchid. Now, this could be because I had move of a purple expectation for this one that I’m a tad sad about the outcome. BUT in all fairness it feels good on my lips (creamy) and the color pay off is decent.   Just like Show Orchid it has a shimmer to it as well.#6

What I learned– The lipsticks were better applied using more pressing and blotting motions than  wiping motions although all are required.

The Trickery-The colors don’t necessarily look like the colors in the package. Some of that can be explained by the type of lippie it is (i.e Amplified Creme, Luster, Frost etc.) But i have to be honest, that’s where most of my disappointment lied. Not that I expected something better..just that I expected something different.

On the fence– The coverage varies. I had to apply each lipstick heavily to see any color pay off that could be the size of my lips and because my skin is of a darker color it takes more to cover (to the consistency that I like anyway).

Pretty Good-Even with having to apply them heavily half of the lippies didn’t stain my lips and came off pretty easily with a regular piece of tissue. The others came off just fine with a makeup remover wipe.

PLUS– The entire palette smells like cake lol. Idk what is good with me smelling everything but hey, since I do and I have an opinion I may as well share it.

The Point of it All

Review Summary

The Purchase Price: $40.00

Reason For Purchasing: Stocking my kit for wedding season. Pinks are one of my bride’s favorite choices I thought it would be a good kit investment.

Does it fulfill your reason for purchasing? Yes, very much so. This palette has  perfect shades for a wedding. My favorites being LoveLorn and Show Orchid .That would pretty much be my personal and professional opinion.

Is it worth the money? On the MUA side Most definitely the lipsticks are $16.00 a piece the palette gives you 6 of them *calculating* and that comes to about $96.00 before taxes. While you don’t get as much product the deduction of the amount of product is just about fair. On the personal side I would just buy LoveLorn for $16.00 and keep it moving.


Well That’s the gist of my experience with The 6 Preferred Pinks Pro Palette from Mac. I will be doing a New Product Diary on MACS under eye cream next week, so if any of you dolls have any experience with that product or this one…let me know how it went for you!

Oh and remember you can get free fashion advice anonymously by sending an email to If there’s an item you’re not sure how to style or you’d just like to see me style….drop the link below OR in an email. ❤

Your own kind of beautiful (2)


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