The Beauty in Beauty shopping….

It has been more than a minute since I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing a cosmetic high due to browsing and actually purchasing any beauty products. Because wedding season is upon us I’ve been readying myself and my kit to prepare and I’ve got a few goodies/not so goodies and undecided products that I’ll be sharing with you during the week.

Mini Mac Haul

Mac's 6 prefered pinks

Mac’s 6 preferred Pinks Pro Palette was an obvious choice made with wedding season in mind. Ironically most of my brides prefer a shade of pink lip stick so it seemed to be the perfect purchase.  They retail for $40.00 on and as soon as I try them I will let you know how I feel about them but in all fairness I only tried one ..and it was a swatch…so I rather not jump to any swift conclusions. TBC

Elf skin care

E.l.f (Eyes Lips Face) has recently come out with a Skin Care line….which features 4 products:

  1. The Illuminating Eye cream $10.00
  2. SkinCare Soothing Serum $12.00
  3. Daily Hydration Moisturizer $8.00
  4. Nourishing Night Cream $12.00

They all have mixed reviews so it will be exciting to see what the outcome is for me and my skin chemistry. Tonight is my first night using any of them. I’m starting with the night nourishing cream which I applied after washing my face with MAC’s Green Gel Cleanser (1st time using this as well) followed by my normal Clean and Clear’s deep action cream cleanser bc I’m a creature of habit and the gel cleanser didn’t give me the feel I was used to.

While I am excited to share my opinions of such popular products I also want to give each of them a fair shot so I will be making a new product diary of the products and posting it at the end of the week……..

Until then …be your own kind of beautiful ❤


2 thoughts on “The Beauty in Beauty shopping….

    1. Thanks doll! I did check and subscribe to your blog and all of your choices look like great wedding season lippies. I’m especially loving coral bliss! I will get that review up before the end of this week! If you haven’t already subscribed…go on! So you won’t miss the review…

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