LBD in Spring 2015: DailyLook

Greetings Doll babies of mine!

I was recently inspire by DailyLook to participate in the LBD Spring Style Challenge. They have a new LBD Collection, which you should definitely check out btw if you haven’t already. I honestly never noticed how many trendy and wearable looks they had when using their items on Polyvore but they actually have tons of wardrobe staples.  To continue being honest…because that is The Mob’s Policy…….they aren’t the cheapest retailer online BUT plus side they have at least a few items in each budget range $40+.

Anyway, the challenge was to style a Spring look featuring a LBD (Little Black Dress) From their LBD Collection. Most people stray away from black and other darker colors in Spring but I’m here to tell you it can…and should be done. While florals and pastels will always be a Spring hit fashion is all as much about setting trends as it is about keeping up with them. My favorite stylists and designers are those who ignore all status quo “norms” and style what they feel.

I guess you could say I took the easy way out on this challenge and it’s only because I have been working like one of Beyonce’s background dancers without the pay and recognition lol.

But the point IS-a little black dress defies seasons and never goes out of style. Click the LBD link at the top of this post to view the collection yourself.

daily look

The LBD featured in this look is the Lace Trim Trapeze Tunic Dress which is $49.99

The shoes featured are Dolce Vita Savana Ankle Covered Leather heels which retail for $99.99

The Jacket featured is the Lucy Paris Classic Textured Blazer the costs $66.99

The Aztec Mosiac Box Clutch featured in the set retails for $54.99


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