Plus size fashion PLUS FREE ADVICE FROM PROS!!!

Greetings Doll Babies!

It is so good to get a moment of down time to come and share some exciting news with you! BUT FIRST (and sorta in reverse order) I wanted to give my doll Alison my undivided attention …while my attention is finally undivided.

Allison wrote me in regards to a) me not styling any plus apparel (she let me HAVE for that hunni lol) and b) a few of her body and fashion issues that she wanted to get some advice on.  Now, IDK who knows but I myself am a “plus size” woman comfortably and proudly sitting pretty in my  size 16 jeans. There is absolutely no shade involved when I style (on my part anyway). I do have a habit of dreaming a little when I’m creating layouts so I grab for the Alexander McQueen Skirts and the Hermes bags which I’ll probably never own;  some or most of those brands don’t have plus apparel & that could be why most of my styles don’t appear to be plus friendly. Blame it on my expensive wishlsit not my heart nor my hips lol.

Either way I apologize and appreciate the read Allison baby because it let’s me know you’re here for it!

So I asked Allison if I could share our chat in order to introduce the new feature/service over at and I think I redeemed myself because she was elated to be the topic of today’s post lol.  She wrote me because she is a plus female who is stuck in a “black rut”. I know the struggle. They told us black makes us look smaller and we got our closets ready for a year long funeral lol. While I get it, I’m opposed to being anti variety regardless of your size. She also said she has hips and thighs and I quote”for days” which to me is nothing short of a blessing but to each her own.

I asked Alison what her favorite item was in her closet right now…and the item that scares her most (which I knew wouldn’t be black) and she sent me a photo of a gorgeous teal blazer and a sexy corset like body suit.

I sent a few minutes trying to find items similar to the photos and came up with a few looks that would keep Allison comfortable but out of her comfort zone. She is a business woman like myself and is interested in casual and professional looks that scream “confident diva”. One thing I can do is confident diva!

Diva Casual

For a diva casual look I paired the bodysuit and blazer with a comfy pair of black and white joggers. You can also replace the heel with a sandal and be relaxed and casual.

Diva Business

For a more business appropriate look I simply added a black pencil skirt and styled the outfit with a more square structured bag. Of course, if you’re going on a job interview, or into your traditional 9-5 you would want to put a buttoned shirt on with it to be able to do some cleavage control.


I’ve added a chat feature to that is connected directly to beauty and fashion pros who are waiting to help you with your fashion and beauty dilemmas. and best of all it’s FREE! That’s right absolutely free, no gimmicks, no hidden charges, just hair stylist, personal stylist, and of course makeup artists who are excited to know your concerns, your desires, and answer your fashion/beauty questions!

Not sure what shoes to wear, what lipstick color is best, which dress is better for date night, how you should do you hair for prom? Ask us…it’s totally FREE!

Just visit find the ‘chat now’ button on the bottom right hand corner of the page…and chat away!


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