Spring 2015 Show Bride Bridal Show ft Graftobian

Good evening doll babies of mine!

I recently had the pleasure (two pleasures in one actually) of a) doing make up for another Show Bride Bridal Show b)using Graftobian Foundation palette (warm) for the very first time. Ok, so not to long ago I wrote to you dolls raving about RCMA’s cream foundation palette. And don’t mistake what I’m saying here today for a contradiction because I still love RCMA BUT when it came down to ordering more I went with Graftobian. So yea.


Before I tried Graftobian I did some googling and youtubing looking for reviews etc. like most of us do before purchasing new products.  I found that Graftobian had some mixed reviews, mainly about the quantity vs. price of the palettes.

While I was expecting a tad bit more from my palette size wise, I realized that the foundation itself only takes a very small amount to get a medium coverage. This could be why they don’t mind asking for $70 despite the individual foundation pods being a bit tiny.

Anyway, the part that matters(to me), the part that can make or break my brand=the results. And I am 100% happy with those. Graftobian has 3 palettes Cool, Neutral, and Warm. I bought the warm one bc even with my clients with the fairest skin enjoy the finished product when using warm foundations on them.

Warm Palette - Copy


It gives an instant very light and natural tan that’s perfect for summer and also very desirable in the winter. And more importantly my skin’s undertone is warm and I am always the first to try a product before I approve it for client use.

GA Glow2GA Glow1

After that purchase I went back and bought the smaller palettes in cool and neutral (the lightest shades). I plan to purchase the darker shades as well that way I can mix if necessary and get the desired color. coolneutral - Copy

And Did I mention that one palette alone is everything I need to service ANY skin tone. Don’t believe me?

Jessica was the first to sit down in my chair.Her skin had quite a few blemishes when we began. Graftobian covered the redness and made the skin appear smooth and even. I applied the foundation with my real technique’s foundation brush and went behind that with a E.L.F blending brush in small circular motions to smooth the product out evenly over the  surface before applying powder.

Show Bride Spring Show 2015 001-1


I then mixed her shade of foundation with a very small amount of concealer and a dab of mineral primer to highlight the bridge of her nose, her chin, her under eyes area and her cupid’s bow (the ‘m’ above the lip). I used the darkest color of foundation to contour.

Same palette -2 different skin tones, undertones, and skin types….

Show Bride Show 2015

The photo may not have come out all that clear but hopefully you can see how smooth each models complexion is. While this is not an actual review Graftobian is Doll Mob Approved!  I would most definitely recommend this product to my dolls but I encourage you to do your own research before purchasing this or any product..

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Your own kind of beautiful (2)


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