OPI…Nail Daze: Something New…

Greetings gorgeous!

I am in between nail shop visits and mid way thru what I like to call “my off week”. During this week my nails are gradually going from new to in need of a fill. Instead of giving Tony (my nail tech) my coins every week I take the cheaper route and buy a polish or two the week after I visit the shop.

Ok, so I went to a local hair supply store and grabbed a few polishes to hold me over until it was Tony time. And I just want to say that I am a fan of China Glaze and other polishes but this particular store had OPI’s brand. There’s no rhyme or reason for my selection.

I wanted a color that was a little out of my norm and I saw “How Great is Your Dane” first.  I was skeptical at first site. (Can I give OPI a quick shout out for just saying “F%&* it” when it comes to the names of their polishes lol.) Anyway, the only reason I hesitated initially was because I  wasn’t sure whether it was brown or grey. But the hesitation was short lived when I realized I like them both.

How Great Is Your Dane

After applying two coats color and a top coat..I realized that I was even more confused as to what color it was due to seeing a hint of purple in the polish after it dried. But being as tho purple is my favorite color it just made me love the polish more.

Moral: I tried something new…it was out of my norm….I was hesitant but I loved it.

This week try something new!

Your own kind of beautiful (2)


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