Black Widow:If Looks Could Kill

Black Widow:If Looks Could Kill
Black has and will always be my go to color. It’s slimming, it’s sexy,  it’s chic, it’s ageless, and always in style. What’s your favorite black item in your closet?
As always the items used in the set are listed below. The requirements and Concept are listed above. If you like this outfit and wouldlike to see more posts like this like This post lol!

P.s If you love my style and are interested in hiring me as your personal shopper/stylist visit busines email:  All other questions can be directed  to

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Victoria Beckham black dress
$4,735 –

Burberry trench coat
$1,380 –

Alexander McQueen sandals

Balmain gold jewelry
$1,385 –

Ela Stone kohl jewelry

Ela Stone black ring

Jules Smith stretch bracelet
$29 –


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