Retail Tuesdays….Stellar Staple

Greeting Doll Babies!

I was shopping for a client today and ran across the cutest little online “boutique” that I wanted to share. I’m always on the look out for affordable, fashionable, and trustworthy online shops because it makes my professional and personal life that much easier. Notice I stress trustworthy because we all know how I feel about my coins and a client’s coin is even more important because my brand and reputation is attached to every penny..whether invested or wasted. One of the wonderful things about being a personal stylist is it gives you a reason to “window shop” without the guilt of the proposed spent money or wasted time. (Fact or Self Soothing …you be the judge)

So I thought it might be nice to share some of the shops and my favorite item(s) from my daily online explorations with great tips from my renowned stylist mentors lol.

Today’s shop:

Coziest logo

Cozbest had some really nice pieces, but it would take much more time than I have to list them all so I’m going to expose one of their “Stellar Staples” instead.


This classicly feminine Apricot Streetwear Trench Coat is what I like to call wardrobe candy! First of all…every woman over the age of 23 should have a trench in their arsenal. I could get into the who’s and why’s but let’s pretend we value each other’s time and opinion and just agree to agree. The color, the lace detail, the cut and slight sway of this trench coat gives me “Scandal” teas. Sexy, powerful, good, bad….everything but ugly and for only $89…….Ummm YES PLEASE! Stellar Staple Indeed!

The name of the coat above, the logo, and the photo of the item all lead back to the retailer’s website so feel free to check it out!

Until Next time Doll babies! ❤


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