Girl Talk: From me to You

Greetings Doll babies!

Long time no chat to and I’m not going to give excuses just know I’m reaching and aiming for better which takes all of my time. Charge it to the lack of hours in a day bc I think of The mob all the time. Especially if I see a cute lippie, or I have had a WITW (what in the world) moment.

BUT on to why I’m writing:

I have an associate who’s constantly in a bad space because of the people she considers friends. Either she’s jealous that they have other friends or she’s wondering if they still like her or are talking about her  etc. I’m not sure how or why someone who choose to live in a constant state fo turmoil and dram but HEY!  At this point, I’m like “If you like it……just keep it over there” lol. Anyway, when I got a text that this week she wondered if she had any real friends it reminded me of one of the  best pieces of advice I’ve ever gotten came from a lady I saw as a mother figure when I was about 16 years old. Thank God I have a decent memory lol.

Anyway, a she told me that you have to know who you are to a person in order to avoid disappointment. When she said it I thought as much as people lie and as phoney as they tend to be, it would take a magic trick to accomplish it. But I was young and I wasn’t paying attention.

Some people will tell you that you mean the world to them when they really mean I know you’ll do anything for me. Other people won’t verbally say “you’re my everything”…but if you watch them closely, without even knowing they are at times…. they’ll show you that you are. Knowing your place doesn’t mean listening to the nicknames/labels/lies nor does it mean playing the role assigned, that’s up to you.



It means always pay attention. Not only will people eventually tell you who they are, they will show who you are to them & that’s all you really need to know.

Your own kind of beautiful (2)


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