Now Serving: Daytime Drama

It’s been a long while since I’ve posted a FOTD and so here goes nothing….

All makeup lovers have one product/ product type that they crave and  swoon over a little more than others. Mine is lipstick. Hands Down. There is something about the right lipstick that seals “the look” deal for me. Quite like the right pair of shoes fashion wise.

Because my skin tone is on the deeper side a nude or beige colored lippie still adds a clean and subtle pop to an other wise dramatic face. My GoTo nude is a NYX cocktail of Euro Trash and London. I added a drugstore brand lip gloss to the center to get the “sheen” I was looking for.

Ultra Smokey

Daytime Drama Tip: (1)Instead of using a black shadow all over my lid, I first applied a wine colored shadow to my crease and dark burgundy color over the entire lid. Afterwards, I then added the black shadow  first to my lash line and blended it out(upward) leaving both the inner and outer corners untouched and showing the burgundy colored shadow. (2) I also added a bit of a highlight to the inner corner and left the bottom lid fresh.

From Day to Night in 4 steps : To take this look from a dramatic day to night time drama  I would (1) change my lipstick to something more flashy…possibly a red or pink (ombre of course), (2)apply a plum blush, (3)darken my contour a little,  and (4)add bottom lash line liner in dark brown or black with a mix of the wine and burgundy shadows to blend out the harshness of the black.

I’ll be posting a Day to night look soon for all those who are interested be sure to subscribe if you haven’t already! ❤ ❤


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