New Product Diary: E.L.F’s NEW Skin Care System

Sunday 3/29/2015

Skin care



Tonight is the night I try E.L.F’s new skin care systems for the very first time. I got the entire collection which came to about $42.00 which qualified for free shipping btw ..So I’ll just be giving you my personal honest opinion on the products vs. What the products are supposed to do. I’d also like to remind you that my “skin chemistry” is different from your so you may not get the same results. With that said…I’d love to hear about your experiences with this or any product I review! Leave the links to the same or similar products below.

Here’s recap on what the line includes…

  1. The Illuminating Eye cream $10.00
  2. SkinCare Soothing Serum $12.00
  3. Daily Hydration Moisturizer $8.00
  4. Nourishing Night Cream $12.00

Ok, so I tried out the Nourishing Night Cream out tonight mainly because it was time for bed when I conjured up the bright idea of doing a new product diary. I first washed my face with the Green Gel Cleanser….About that.

This isn’t a Green Gel Cleanser Review so I won’t stay long on the topic but I personally prefer my Clean and Clear Gel Cleanser(which maybe considered a drug store brand). But so what. This could be bc I’m used to a thicker more creamy consistency, a nice tingly feeling after I was my face, and a fresh scent that MAC did not provide, but before I do an official review on the product I’ll give it a fair opportunity to see results so that will be next weeks journal.

*BTW (and then I’m off the topic) MAC sells alot of their products in a travel size which  is only $10. I strongly suggest you look for the travel sizes especially if it’s your first time using the product and/or you’re not an MUA who needs ample amounts of product at a time.

Ok back to the review! So the Nourishing Night Cream…it felt really good going on after I washed my face. My skin felt wonderful…smooth & fresh. When I woke up *Dun duh duuuh* <That was the music that plays when something bad is about to happen.>


Monday Morning

I am a little disappointed to report that I see break outs I didn’t have when I went to bed. Now, I like to be as fair as possible especially because E.l.f’s Mineral primer is a favorite of mine…and the break out/ weird “texture” for lack of a better word..could be due to me not being used to sleeping with any type of product on my face. Usually I remove my makeup, wash my face, and go to bed. If it’s a really dry night for one reason or another I’ll put a very small amount of Ambi’s face moisturizer on the dry spots only. Does Ambi make me break out? Nope. *shrugs* Maybe it’s a good Product but it’s not for everybody overnight. I’ll try it a while before I wash my face for bed and see if it does anything different.

(Oh and in case you didn’t read this between those lines, my face is not too happy with my most recent “try something new” adventure but hopefully E.L.F will make it up to us both.)


Ok so..I washed my face with my faithful Clean and Clear and this time I’m trying The illuminating eye cream, the soothing serum, and the daily hydration moisturizer. I’m using a very small amount due to my current skin condition after applying the Night Nourishing Cream but the review must go on..

I first applied the illuminating eye cream, which of course, had no immediate effect on the slight darkness around my eyes (I didn’t expect that). After letting that sit for a second, I applied the soothing serum which really had a funky feel on the skin once applied. I want to call it sticky, but that’s not quite accurate. But it’s definitely not a fresh feeling.


Next I applied the daily hydration moisturizer. I’m jumping ahead when I say this so be sure not to hold me to it…but I’m thinking this could be my favorite product of the bunch. I would recommend it more so for my clients with dry skin and for the late fall/winter months because it’s a little greasy. I have combination skin so while I applied the product all over my face for this review..not knowing what to expect…it  would probably be better used in my dry areas (my forehead, around my nose. It also has a very light Aloe scent which I loved. But once everything was “absorbed into the skin” as the instructions state I still was 100% happy with how my face felt. The moisturizer did make my skin feel smoother, but there’s still a slight “product-ish” feel.  I won’t be wearing any makeup today so let’s see how it goes. Fingers and toes cross!

September 1st:Lipgloss and lashesAbove is  photo of me with no make on after 6 months of select using E.l.f..

UPDATE: Since my last entry about 6 months ago, I have completely dumbed down my skin care routine to the Hydrating Cream and Soothing Serum. I decided that moisturizer at night isn’t for me. It may not have been E.l.f’s product as much as it was my skin type. I’ve actually started to use the soothing serum on under eye area and I put a very small amount of the hydrating cream on 4 points of my face (Forehead, chin, cheekbones (near ears) after washing my face and spritzing it with holy water(MAC’s Fix Plus).

Would I recommend the E.l.f skin care line ….sure! More than likely not in it’s entirety only because it seems the individual items could be perfect but for an individual skin type.  I think when you’re talking about skin care products it’s important to make a cohesive collection that’s good for all skin types. Unless of course you’re distinguishing between the types the prodcuts are made for. Otherwise, of course you’ll generate some buzz for the *star* individual items (from the people who have the time and patience to figure out which is best for them), but think of how a company’s sales and visibility could increase if you had a line that was an asset universally? Excuse my business blurp.


Point is………They have some skin sensations in the bunch, but they should really specify what type of skin each product is for or the consumer ends up pissed with pimples. If you have the time and money to purchase E.l.f not so new Skin Care line ……Keep a diary and figure out your skincare cocktail….

UPDATE: Since the time of this portion of the post they have added items to the line. The entire line includes:

  1. Set includes:
  2. Illuminating Eye Cream
  3. Soothing Serum
  4. Daily Hydration Moisturizer
  5. Nourishing Night CreamDaily Face Cleanser
  6. Exfoliating Scrub

I hope this helps!


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