Serena Williams Presents her New clothing Line at NYFW

So, apparently there’s a few things going on in Serena William’s life that we haven’t been privy to until here lately. Just moments ago the bodied, star tennis playing,  super woman presented her fashion line at NYFW. It seems Serena joined forces with HSN to create this chic and strong collection …the question is: Will we like it as much as we like Serena?


Serena comes thru feeling fringy with a hair flip while serving athletic Queen!

And guess who was in the front row to support?

Anna and Drake


lol No really, her rumour beaux Drake was front and center applauding and supporting Serena’s latest fashion efforts..


SideNote: Drake will woo you won’t he! Look at him all attentive sitting next to Anna Wintours. #ISeeYouDrake

Now to the question of the night…. Will we love Serena William’s Clothing line as much as we love Serena?

Serena's Line

I’m thinking so!!!!

The pieces showcased at New York Fashion Week were classic yet fresh, and of course she managed to turn somewhat athletic attire into chic and feminine ready to wear  closet candy for non-athletic types such as myself.

Here are a few of my favs from the collection. FYI: You can click any of the photos below and get HSN where the apparel is sold.

Hooded V poncho






AND price wise, they’re surprisingly affordable!

And just for the sake of a chat… we think Serena Realized Drake was in the building?

Did she notice

As if we had to ask for chat’s sakes!

KUDOS to you Serena Williams for another WIN at New York Fashion Week.

Yes, We love your line as much as we love you!



Click here to watch the show


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