Tiffany’s Closet: LBD Little Black Dresses


Greetings Dolls,

The Mob is getting reorganized for the fall/winter and one of the many changes will be must have and purchasable apparel right here on The Doll Mob. Disclaimer: I encourage you to check out the retailers of the items as I’m not personally vouching for the company who sells the item as much as the items themselves. So, do your homework before you purchase.

Anyway, Think of this as my own personal fantasy closet. What? The boys have fantasy football. I know I’m not too old to have a dream closet.

For now, I’ll be posting items by list/topic and I think instead of making a new post each week I’ll update the items under a list or a new list each week. Clicking the photos of the items posted in a Tiffany’s Closet posts will take you directly to the page where you can purchase the item

Look for Tiffany’s Closet posts once or a week! If you haven’t already subscribe so you don’t miss out!

This week..we’re shopping:

Little Black Dresses


Pearl Dress With Deep V BACK

V-Back Pearl Dress $31.00

Lace illusion dress

Illusion Neckline Lace Dress $39.00

Shirt Dress

No Basics Mockneck Bodycon Dress $15.44


Super Jane Cape Shift Dress $28.84

Sheer Betty

Black V Neck Hollow Flare Dress @25.06

Sequins Dress

Black Long Sleeve Backless Sequined Dress $19.99


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