Body Image-Plus is Equal!

Good Morning Doll babies! (Or afternoon/evening depending on what side of the world you’re on).

Good morning nice butt

Ready or not another work week is upon us. I’m not sure I’m ready, but I’m here. Speaking of being present-I am 100% in attendance for the plus is equal movement #HereForIt.  First of all, like it or  not the people in America Eat GOOD or not so good but we love food. More than 68.8 percent of the population is said to be overweight or obese by some standard. While I promote and support healthy living, I don’t agree that everyone has to be a size 1 to accomplish that. And I’m delighted to see that more and more women are embracing their beauty and their right to define it however they please!


Ashley Graham slays the NYFW runway in her lingerie line

The goal behind The Doll Mob was to inspire women of every race, shape, style, and religion, to define beauty for themselves. Not to let Nicki Minaj make you think you need to get a butt implants because of her perfectly paid for patooty nor allow Kendall Jenner, The Olsen Twins, and the rest of the runway to push you to believe that you have to starve yourself or pick up other unhealthy habits to be slim. Our motto is “We Do What We Want” because we live in a time that loving yourself is not a popular trend and embracing your flaws makes you a rebel #TheMob. That is not the message we see when we open Glamour Magazine or turn on the television. The media has stuffed “beauty” into a small unforgiving box for years, and I’m proud to see a company like Lane Bryant stand up and say “I may not fit into your box, but I’m just as beautiful.”

Like you, I have work to do BUT I am valuable as I am. Thick thighs, expensive bras, and all! I challenge my dolls to embrace yourselves. There is nothing more beautiful and powerful than a woman who knows that she is and walks in a light that is all her own.

Perfection doesn’t live here (On Earth) but happiness could. In the words of Mr. Jermaine Cole (J.Cole) #LoveYours

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