FOTD + A Matte Lip Trick

Good morning Dolls and mobbies.

I am dropping off a quick FOTD and matte lippie trick before work!

I like to call this look Galaxy Fem (don’t ask why, you should know by now I don’t really have an answer). ANYWHO, While today’s is mainly about the lipstick I will tell you that I started my eye look with a black matte shadow and added blue and red glitter that I got from Coastal Scents on top.

I am well aware of the color theory situation but I am surprised that mixing two glitters gave me a purple-ish tone. I wasn’t really aiming for that….I wasn’t aiming for anything actually lol. Sometimes you just have to jump in and try ish out.



Galaxy 3

I am a certified Lipstick Junkie. YES, certified and there’s a special place in my heart for a matte lippie.  If you’re anything like me…you may have missed the memo but you can actually make any lipstick a matte lippie by using a Translucent Power.

I actually used one of NYX butter lipstick here and added NYX translucent powder on top. and it came out beautiful. #GetYouSome You would think I’m an affiliate of or spokesperson for NYX, but the truth is I just really love their products. AND I get a pro discount which sweetens the deal and leaves me a few coins after going crazy on lipsticks and such. NYX What’s up tho?? lol

Galaxy 1

I wanna see your matte lippie favorites. By the way if any of my dolls know how to successfully depot lipsticks pleeeeeease leave the links to any blog posts below.

Thanks in advance.


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