Stocking Stuffer Sales: Free Fingernail Fun

Greetings Doll Babies,

Hopefully, all is well and you’re keeping your standards and your heads as high as your heels ❤  or higher if you’re the cute flats and/or sporty sneakers type. Moving on I go off of work and decided to go thru my email and waiting there to brighten my day was some pretty exciting nail news for those who are as fingertip conscious as I am.

Some of you may have heard of Julep. Once upon a time I thought that they only had nail polishes when in reality they have a complete line of cosmetics as well, but that’s another topic for another post. Today I’m giving sales tea.

For those who aren’t familiar Julep is a nail polish nirvana which sales a very high quality of polishes, lipsticks, liner, so on and so forth. They even have a monthly subscription service which I believe is called a “Maven Box” which sends a selection of nail polishes (and lipsticks) for $24.99


FYI: They have a crazy deal where you get your first Welcome box free. 4 pieces; a $50-$58.00 value for $2.99(shipping). Because I refuse to pass up beauty freebies you’re looking at the newest Julep Maven. Listen, I can’t even begin to feel guilty for something I haven’t paid for so my fingertips and I are having a great Monday in anticipation of our boxes arrival.  Click the photos to check out the deal.

Vampy Welcome Box


Hot Neutrals Welcome BOX (HOLIDAY FAV)white hot neatrals

Moving on to the other good news, which I may have already mentioned…Julep has any and every color of polish you could dream of wanting.  The list goes on and on but here are a few of my favorites.







Now………….Today through 11/1, Julep is offering a free nail polish with any purchase of $10 or more. If you add this promo to Kiss & Makeup Sweet Steal offer (a loaded makeup kit for just $25), and you’ll get $115 worth of product for just $25.

Kis and Makeup Bag

It may take a moment to sip on those savings, but don’t too much time because nothing this good lasts forever.  I think I’ll grab the beauty bag as a Christmas present for a fellow artist who doesn’t like cute bags with amazing products in them…especially when they’re not expecting you to think of them at all.

Be sure to check out the sale before it’s over. Another jewel because I love my dolls: This would be considered as a perfect stocking stuffer solution #ThankMeLater

Do you have a favorite Julep Polish?


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