Balmain Meets H&M: Dates, Prices & Quality…


Some/most of you may have heard the news but, it’s a must that I discuss Balmain and it’s arrival to H&M. If you’ve been a subbie for a while you know I am 100% in awe of the Balmain brand minus their infatuation with the Kardashians (another blog…another day). Because the statement making designs had me at hello and I was admittedly over excited when I heard the news a while ago.

Because I had some down time after homework I wanted to bring you the tea on a Balmain Shopping spree @ H& M.

Q: When


A: November 5th which is this Thursday.

Q: Is it the same Balmain?

A: About that, I saw/read an interview about the Balmain brand coming to H&M and Oliver Rousteing (the genius behind the brand and the designer bestie of my dreams) admitted that the line for H&M understandably had a different quality to make it more affordable. Which means, cheaper fabrics, less work etc. etc. Design wise there is still a flare ……..but to be quite honest while it’s similar it’s not comparable to the Balmain Collection.


Q: Can I afford it?

A: I don’t know what you can afford, But I know I can do a lot more with $600 than buy a dress. Yes, $600 for a dress. Of course compared to the regular prices that easily surpass $1,000 the H&M collection will put me in the market for a few Balmain pieces in a nearer future. There are a few items I could see myself making a sacrifice or two for, but her I’m a fool in love.



Balmain $59.99










Balmain $399


Balmain $199


Q: Do you think the line will be successful?

A: Of course, and that is not my Balmain Bias talking! As long as there are more people who will miss a car payment to be able to say they’re wearing Balmain, Gucci, Prada etc. fashion will remain a multibillion-dollar industry. While the designs are beautiful, I can admit that I would be more fond of them had I never seen “the real” Balmain collection. That’s not going to stop me from getting gifting myself that Navy blue militant # for $129 (if they have them in my size).

All I’ve ever wanted was Balmain for Christmas Don’t judge me..

Because the design is usually embroidered, beaded engraved, sparkly, structured, or statement provoking in some other capacity, the collection will more than likely miss those who prefer to dress casually. However, that is true in any market so I doubt that be the death of Balmain.


Size is actually a good topic to touch on. Most designers don’t cater to the curvy 60% of the population. Some have even been quoted about not wanting plus people to wear their clothing. I’m curious to know if Balmain and H&M have put any thought into making the collection accessible to women like me. My girls/twins/tatas will not be forced into a L/XL for anyone. Not even Oliver (No offense BFF). I haven’t seen any info on the sizes we can expect but H&M has a pretty extensive plus collection so my fingers are crossed.





The Question is: Will you be heading to H&M on Thursday?


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