NEW BH Studio Pro Ultimate Brow Palette Review + FOTD

Greetings Dolls & Gents!

Hopefully, the weekend has worn off and everyone is comfortably set in grind mode on this gloomy Tuesday. A couple of weeks ago I did a medium sized makeup haul by mail and I got a few goodies that I’m really excited to share with my dolls. Unfortunately, I don’t have tons of time today so I can share them all right this second but I think I choose a pretty good item to share first.

I use BH cosmetics so much you would think I’m an affiliate, but I’m not in anyway affiliated with the BH cosmetics Brand. (Update 2017…I am nowwww lol) They were still the first company I ever bought a palette from in High School due to them being the only one I could afford at the time and I guess I’m a creature of habitual bargains.

Bh Pro Palette

Until now, I’m not ashamed to say I’ve been an eyebrow pencil and eye shadow kinda girl when it comes to my brows. Why? Well, because it was affordable due to me having the necessary products already and because I have pretty thick brows that don’t need much filling.

Exhibit A (lol)

Before Brows

Above is a photo of my brows with no product on them. (Don’t ask why I decided to write Before in the middle of my eyebrows because I have no good reason) As you can see, outside of them being in need of a good razoring, they’re already pretty dark.

I was excited to try a brow wax and powder but would you like to know what excited me most? The $12.00 I paid for it. The palette includes 8 brow powders and 4 brow waxes. *Insert Heart Eyes Smiley*.

How I used the Bhcosmetics Eyebrow Palette.

Personal Selections

FYI:The shades I used for my brows have stars on them


  1. Using the Spoolie (the brush looking thingy in the middle), I brushed my brows in the direction I wanted them in to make shaping and filling easier.
  2. Next using the small angled brush I first used the dark brown wax by drawing a line under my brow with it. This gives a sharply manicured look to the brow even if it’s time for some brow maintenance much like in my case.
  3. Afterward, I took the access dark brown wax and brushed in through my brow using short upward strokes.
  4. Using the same small angled brush I grabbed some of the black wax and focused on the wing or ends of my brow being sure not to put any product on the inner part of my brow.
  5. Now, using  black brow powder I continued to focus on the wings or end of my brow filling it in as necessary. This time adding the dark brown powder only on the 1st 3rd of my brow.
  6. Last but not least…I cleaned the brow up with a light concealer on the bottom and a concealer that matched my skin tone on the top of the brow to avoid the hated halo.

& Viola 

I brushed them with them spoolie (after the photo)

After Brows

MY THOUGHTS: I love this palette! Not only because you can’t beat the $12.00 with a stick but, because I can actually tell the difference between my normal pencil and shadow routine. I love the healthy hair sheen the product leaves even after applying the powder, I can do ANYONE’S brows with the wide range of powders and versatile waxes the palette offers, and Idk if I said this already… but you can’t beat that $12 with a stick.

Is it comparable to the Anastasia Beverly Hills pro palette. I honestly don’t know. I’m sure (well I hope) ABH has sprinkled a little bit more amazing in their palette being as though it retails for $88.00 at Sephora. It offers 11 brow powder shades and a brow primer which is said to be smudge resistant(+), but no waxes. I’ve added it to my Christmas list so if Santa loves me enough to stuff a stocking with it, I’ll let you know what I think.



Nothing like Ben Nye Banana Baking & Selfies in the morning, right?

LIDS: Bh Cosmetics 5th edition palette (Wine, Burgundy, &  Purple colors in the crease with a peach color on the lid. #Blend I added the MAC Melon Pigment on top of the peach bh shadow and then used a red shadow to transition the wine/burgundy shadow with the melon pigment. #Blend Lined my eyes with NYX gel liner in Betty

LIPS: Lined my lips with Y2k from NYX. Applied my NEW matte lippie cream from NYX in Ibiza and popped a little Buenos Aries from NYX in the center of my lips.  To soften the lip liner  used a plum lipstick from wet n wild and blended it out.

FACE: I Used Graftobian’s Warm palette for my highlight (under my eyes, down my nose, on my chin, and on the cupids bow. Baked with Ben Nye Banana Powder. I then used my everyday face powder from Covergirl’s Queen Collection in Medium Deep only the areas I didn’t highlight. I don’t use foundation but if I did I would have applied that in the same areas before applying my face powder. Next I used my new Contour and highlight palette from Morphe Brushes to contour my nose and cheeks. Of course, there was Holy Water (MAC Prep+Prime or Fix+) involved throughout the process.

The lashes are Red Cherry #202

After the bake 2.2 After the bake

Can I just take a second and tell you that I am feeling my Farrah Fawcett-esque flips today?? It is not fun sleeping in rods, but my selfies are my reward for the struggle lol.

I hope you’ve enjoyed.

Oh and Remember to email us at to inquire about virtual makeup classes, submit your letters to the mob, suggest topics, ask beauty/fashion related questions etc. etc.  ❤



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    1. Thanks so much for stopping by lovely! I most definitely recommend you trying out BH cosmetics they are so affordable you have very little to lose. Not only did I check out your recent post you’re looking at your newest subbie! If you haven’t already be sure to return the favor. ❤

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