All I want for Christmas is YOU! Subbie Goals + FOTD “Salute”

Good Morning Doll Babies and Gents & Happy Veterans Day!

Quick Doll Mob History lesson before we get to why we’re here today.

For those who don’t know, I started The Doll Mob Blog in February of last year when I decided to begin my cosmetics line, but we’ll get into that in a second. At the time, I was a Full-time freelance makeup artist, stylist, and student who had more free time on her hands than she knew what to do with.At least this was he case when it wasn’t wedding season.

Today in addition to being a freelance MUA, stylist and student, I also own a non-related business that I work sometimes 7 days a week whilst working on expanding both brands (this includes but is not limited to -hiring professionals, designing websites, marketing, advertising, research, customer service, and actually providing services to my clients etc. etc.) Because I am still a one woman show there are not enough hours in the day nor are there enough days in a week.

Day Between Saturday & Sunday

As of today, The Doll Mob has more than tripled in views and visitors (which is great) but the interaction between my dolls and I have dwindled a bit. This makes me sad.  I know there’s a lot to be said about being consistent when it comes to blogging and posting content and I am truly making an effort to include writing time in my crazy schedule and I’m going to start relying heavily on scheduling posts!

Consistent Action

Moving on….

Earlier I mentioned creating a cosmetics line, which of course, I named “Doll Mob Cosmetics”. My signature product was a lippie that I called a glass pout which is a opaque lipstick with a high gloss quality. You can see the first related post here to get more background.  In the end, I came up with really pretty colors which some of my original dolls may have even helped me name, but in the midst of that venture I realized I was more of the services type of entrepreneur than the products type.. It’s sort of a good thing I did because social media (Instagram in particular) is going crazy with these same types of lippies.

Which brings me to my FOTD:

Today’s face is not really today’s face and if you’re following me on Instagram you’ve seen this photo before. BUT because we’re talking about the product and it features the Doll Mob lippie “Salute” I thought it appropriate to share today. Plus it’s Veteran’s Day.

Salute Lippie 2

Salute Lippie

Salute Lippie 3

You may also click on the Links below to check some of the other colors out, after you read why they are so important to my current request.

Queen & Diva-ish

Popstar and Rehab

Sweet Dreams

Now, even though the blog gets 1,000s of views we only have 197 subbies, and you guys are super shy. So I’m making an obtainable goal to:

A) Reach 205 followers before the end of the year.

B) Interact with my dolls more.

What’s up for grabs?

Well IF we manage to reach our goal of 205 subbies… and at least 5 of you comment with the color lippie you’d create and what you’d name it… I promise to teach you how to make your very own lippies like the ones featured in my FOTD.

A wise woman once said on Instagram

“If you buy a girl a nice lipstick she’ll enjoy it for months, but if you teach her how to create her own lipstick she’ll have a hot collection forever”-Tiffany Monique (The Doll Mob)

SO SHARE & SUBSCRIBE & COMMENT the color lipstick you’ll be making.

As always,  email us at to inquire about virtual makeup classes, submit your letters to the mob, suggest topics, ask beauty/fashion related questions, just to say hi etc. etc.  ❤


2 thoughts on “All I want for Christmas is YOU! Subbie Goals + FOTD “Salute”

  1. If I could make a lippie it would definitely be a nude. I know it’s plain but I love nude even before it was a thing. I’m not a make up person, not because I don’t like it because I do. And I’m obsessed with tutorials and all but I just don’t know how. I’ve tried several nudes and I never really LOVE it. It could be my skin tone or my heavy handedness, or my lack of knowledge but I just can’t get it right. I would make a nice nude that’s not too pink and not too grey that goes lonely with any shade for women of color. I would name it “Necessity” because it would be a must have for everyone. Even if your a simple plain Jane like me. I’m sure this exists but I couldn’t tell you. Lol.

    1. First of all, Heey Pooh! I knew you would come thru if no one else did! ❤ Next, a Nude named "Necessity"??? That is hot Tania! I'd buy it lol. I don't think there's a Necessity out here..MAC has a red Necessity but I haven't heard of another one. I may be wrong. Either way.. I can't wait to see your lippie. On to the lipstick project, are you using a liner with the lipstick? Which colors have you tried? Let's Discuss. If you'd prefer to chat one on on one shoot me an email.

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