Strobing stories with MAC’s Strobe Cream

Good morning doll and gents! We’re halfway through the week already which is a + for me. If you could care less bc you work on the weekends like I do (sorta) find yourself a + and carry on….

Most of you may have heard of a technique called Strobing. I’ve never tried it before today, but I’ve been hearing more and more about it lately hence today’s post.  Bobbi Brown is current standing by this particular technique while passionately screaming “Death to the Contour”, and because Bobbi B is clearly one of the queens of cosmetics, we’re going to see just what the hype is about.

I started my strobing research where all visual learners do…. Youtube. There were a few really good examples and explanations of the process so I’ll try my very best to give you all I got. I’ve seen tons of examples on women with fair to olive skin so thought it would be particularly interesting to see it done on my deep skin tone.

What is strobing?

From what I gathered strobing is the result of highlight the h%() out of your face. Really simple right? Well, it really is rather simple. The technique focusing only on the points of your face that you want to stand our or appear to catch light.  This is the same concept used when highlighting and contouring except you don’t contour and you use several highlighting products.

Without further ado……..Here’s my first experience with strobing…..


Strobing Selfie

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Quick Plug…Moving on. Please keep in mind this is my very first attempt at it after 2 really good Youtube tutorials. To show the difference in the strobing technique and the way “traditional” contouring way let’s use a side by side of  Last Week’s FOTD

After the bakeStrobing Selfie

Soooo, I can not tell a lie. I love the dewy youthful look strobing gave me. By over accentuating the areas I would usually only give a little attention to the areas that I would usually contour “naturally” looked more defined. I think my appears softer and more healthy due to the glow. AND bae loves it soooo yea. A+

 Not to stroke my own strobe but, it’s a cloudy day here in VA but you can not tell by this glow hunni! lol



  1. I did my face as usual with one extra product (MAC’s Strobe Cream) you can see the play by play on my Falling out of Fall FOTD Post. Because I don’t use Foundation I added Strobe cream to my face after moisturizing and priming. I first applied it on the areas I would be strobing (cheekbones, chin, the ball of my nose, over the front of my brow.  I also mixed strobe cream in with the Graftobian cream I used under my eyes. This is a step I use with my brides but I usually don’t do personally. On my lids  I used a coppery gold color from the BH cosmetics 5th edition Palette and my fav nude NYX lippie cocktail (Lined with London, Euro Trash, Natural Gloss in the middle)

Strobing Face Down

This photo was taken after the strobing was done.

  1. After my entire face was done I added MAC’s Strobe Cream to the usual highlighting areas to “begin the storbin'”. Tip: Because Strobe cream is a moisturizer your want to be careful not to use too much at a time when adding it after your makeup. I add a small amount to the back of my hand and with my ring finger grab a little product dabbing on my cheekbones, chin, the ball of my nose, the bridge of my nose, and over the front of my brow. After the strobe cream “dries” it makes a really good base for the other highlighters to come. You can also use a cream-based highlighter for this step as well. Stobe cream is really pearlescent so it most definitely gets the job done. Here’s how Strobe Cream looks:


  1. Next, I grabbed the Peachy Cheeky Highlighter from E.L.F and applied that to a more “strict” portion of the same area with a smaller brush and blended it out with my finger. I liked the results of the finger blend more than the brush so I went with it.
  2. Lastly, I used the Melon Pigment which is super shiny (so shiny I felt like I was ruining a perfectly good face) and I applied it to and even smaller portion of the same area. In a sense highlighting the highlight. This time, I added the pigment under my brow bone as well. I didn’t use blush in this look so once I was happy with my glow I sprayed a bit of my Holy Water(MAC’s Fix+) & I was done. You can also dupe MAC’s Melon Pigment with the loose color tattoo pigments from Maybelline. Tried and Approved.


AS far as the Strobe Cream is concerned this is one of the products that are available int those cutesy travel sizes from MAC. $10. Do it.


Strobe Cream

Moving right along.

The question here is not whether we like strobing (because we really like strobing and it’s bae approved). The question is do we support Queen Bobbi’s Death to the contour movement? So, I did something Bobbi B just may have  punched me in the face for and I added a contour to my strobed face.

Strobing Selfie and contouring Strobing and contouring

Can I be completely honest? I like the contour too! Maybe for different reasons, and different occasions,  but I like them just the same.

I think storbing is great for a dewy summer look. I’d also use the technique for a photo shoot if the concept called for it and for teen/prom looks for sure.

side look

Old habits die hard. While I’ll definitely be practicing my strobe….I’ll be holding on to my old naggin’ contouring ways. Sorry Bobbi..I love you girl!

If any of you have tried strobing OR if you try strobing after reading this post tag The Doll Mob! I’d love to see.

As always,  email us at to inquire about virtual makeup classes, submit your letters to the mob, suggest topics, ask beauty/fashion related questions, just to say hi etc. etc.


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