My 2 Favorite Faces of 2015

Greetings Dolls and Gents!

December is here and that means the end of the year is drawing near. So much has happened this year! I’ve had one of the worse days in my life this year, followed by some iconic breakthroughs and incredible growth. While it wasn’t the best year of my life, it was most definitely a turning point. I learned so much about myself as a woman as well as an entrepreneur in 2015 that even the worst day couldn’t have changed the fact that  I know my best days are yet to come…

Moving on! I  came by to share my 2 favorite faces of 2015. I can’t even begin to count how many I’ve had, but trust me when I say it’s a bunch. To narrow it down to 2 may have been a miracle in itself. I didn’t do as well narrowing down the looks for the new Doll inspired service catalog on the new TiffanyDolls OnDemand ( …which is still being designed. Rest assure my 2 favs will be front and center.  That’s the beauty of being the boss.

But here goes…….

This is my #1 fave, my go to look, my “everyday” face.

End of the day

Bold brows, natural/neutral eyes, lashes, a peachy flesh toned blush and a nude  lippie. It’s appropriate for Interviews, grocery shopping, church, court, work, school, dinner or lunch date,  and anywhere else you find yourself on a regular day. I also love that what you have on isn’t a factor at all with this look. From joggers and sneakers to a pencil skirt and heels this look is a do!

Because this gives you a very polished “natural” look I’ve added this look to the service catalog as “The Modest Doll”.  You’ll be hearing alot more and more about the new Doll Inspired service catalog on TiffanyDolls OnDemand. PLUS opportunities for my lovely beauty and fashion blogger dolls. But’s that’s another post entirely.

My #2 fav face of 2015 is the exact opposite of my 1st. This look features an even bolder brow, a bronzed contour, stacked lashes, and a butter pecan nude lipstick. The biggest difference is what makes this look a fav of mine……The black eyeshadow. Many people stay away from the color black when it comes to makeup. Most of the time you’ll see the tiniest pencil brush lightly dabbed in a black shadow and strategically put on the outer ‘V’ of the eye to enhance a look. While I do that as well, when it comes to a sultry, smokey lid my absolute favorite is this look. It’s perfect for parties, clubs, photo shoots, fashion shows, galas, or any event that calls for glam.

Closeup FAVORITE4 Final

Due to it being a favorite of mine AND due to my love reminding that it’s also Chuckie’s wife Tiffany’s signature eye look it will be called “The Tiffany Doll” in the new TiffanyDolls OnDemand service catalog.

So, these are my favorites faces of 2015. I’d love to see your favorite looks of this year! Feel free to tag me or comment on this post with the link when you post!

As always,  email us at to inquire about virtual makeup classes, submit your letters to the mob, suggest topics, ask beauty/fashion related questions, just to say hi etc. etc.


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