Doll Of The Day Recap

As a female entrepreneur and business owner, I feel a social responsibility to be the type of role model that society all too often overlooks. The type of woman little girls and teens aspire to be because we are strong, intelligent, supportive and positive in addition to “pretty”.

Society puts so many often unrealistic standards on beauty, success, independence etc. that I thought it to be vital that I use whatever platform I have in order to shine a light on the women who deserve to be labeled role models.

So, Every weekday on the TheDollMob  (INSTAGRAM) Monday-Friday I’ll be featuring women who not only inspire me but whom I feel will inspire the future generation of women. If you are not a follower on IG click the link above or below to DO IT!





She’s TRULY an inspiration because not only is she #health conscience, #active, and amazingly #fit 💪 she is an amazing tatted #mother😍.I struggle in the active area with no children (0👶). She puts me to shame pushing that stroller on her morning run!😒 Soooo Kudos to you beautiful! You #inspire us to DO. #Follow@_fitslife_ to get your fit life & #follow us for more #morethanpretty #bossbabefeatures


She is an #HIV #Aids #Activist #Author#Founder #Philanthropist #Entrepreneurand all around #SuperWoman. We appreciate and admire her transparency bc her story is such an inspiration to other#WomenInBusiness #Follow@iamandreawalker for seeds of strength💪 and. #Follow us for more #morethanpretty#bossbabe features. PS…look for her book “A Beautiful Struggle” on Amazon.


She is a NC MUA and therefore a woman after our own ❤. Beautiful, Supportive, and drawn to positivity😍 How do we know? Because we pay attention👀.#Follow this #beauty and her #beat to get your #cosmetic life. @shielamoore


💋💋💋 She is beautiful, ambitious, supportive, confident and #Curvy. & Our very 1st#DollOfTheDay. 👑 Keep your eyes peeled👀 for this up and coming #plussize #model from FL.


TO be featured: Follow TheDollMob on IG and show us a little love. That’s it! Of course you have to be positive, supportive, and ambitious. You can also tag your cute selfies with our hashtag #TheDollMob

As always, I encourage you to be the kind of woman the world needs..the kind of woman who prides herself on being #MoreThanPretty.

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤



3 thoughts on “Doll Of The Day Recap

    1. Thank you lovely! I think it’s important to not only to spotlight real role models but to allow the future generations to see us showing each other love. I appreciate the support more than you know ❤

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