Doll of the Day Recap!!

Good morning Dolls and gents!


Hopefully, the new year is treating you well thus far! I am in overdrive trying to get reorganized with things changing or expanding so rapidly, but not too busy to recognize a few more than pretty women that you should defintiely follow on IG.


@iamKimHill is a real estate mogul who is promised to fill your feed with stylish home decor, real estate tips and more.


@Shylamiles is a writer, producer, director, author, and such an amazing creative spirit! She is undoubted beautiful, but the fact that she is humble and deserving of the success she has realized is even more beautiful n my eyes. Pick up Broken Promises the novel and catch Broken Promises the movie this Spring! We ❤ her!


@iamdjgloss is an award winning dj, writer, mother, and model who is creating her own lane in what some would call a male dominated industry. She is talented, supportive, and not afraid to be  exactly who she is. Follow @iamdjgloss to keep up with her musical modeling journey.

Be sure to follow us on IG for more “more than pretty” role model worthy women OR to be a feauture… @TheDollMob



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