Groundhog Day Spring is coming soon….But Valentines Day is coming Sooner.

Greetings Doll Babies and Gents,


Hopefully, you’ve all been maintaining and protecting your beauty (inside and out).


Sooo, today is February 2nd and what most of us know as Groundhog Day…and that means the little guy or girl groundhog takes their traditional peek outside of it’s habitat to see if a shadow accompanies them. If they see a shadow winter will be here to stay for much longer than we can probably stand. If they don’t see a shadow spring is assuming her position early. Today, dolls and gents…when Sandy or Andy groundhog took his morning stroll there was no shadow.

I’m not really surprised the “forecast” predicts a short winter mainly due to the fact that it was 70+ degrees on Christmas day.  Anyway,the point is…. it may be warm and Spring may arrive early but Valentines day is still right around the corner.

I try to send you a fashion or beauty bone when it comes to Holiday gifting so here’s tea.



This tea is for the dolls and gents with dolls with the curves. If you’re anything like me (curvy, confident, and not real fond of forced brand commitment) Adore me is a little less desirable. No shade to Adore Me…..because from what I’ve seen they had nice designs (mostly for thin body types). Angelique on the other hand is plus size lingerie boutique that specializes in sexy goodies for those of us who can’t be classified as thin. I’m talking hosery, lingerie, costumes, bridal items, swim wear (which isn’t my fav TBH), and much more.

Take a look at some of my favs!

Sizes starting at 1x-6xl and include extended sizes

Black Lace Gown 53.95Eye Lash Lace Bra $28.95

Nylon Lace BabyDoll

Chiffon Romper $46.95

Honey Comb Corset $63.95

Do yourself a favor and spend your Vday evening in something worth the heart eyes *whispers* and eggplant emojis. ❤

Get 20% off the entire site when you use the code VDAY.





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