Behind the Blog

What is “The Doll Mob“?

The Doll Mob is a place that is full of beauty, respect, and an appreciation for diversity. It’s the home of Queens, rock stars, moms, beauty and fashion enthusiasts, professional women, and any other woman who would enjoy being a part of a community that inspires and supports each other.

The name is meant to create a mental picture. One that oozes confidence, loveliness, and uniqueness (Doll). One that is inclusive of every shape, size, and shade of woman (Mob). A picture that screams “We’re Different, But we’re all beautiful. And most importantly We Do What We Want!” The Doll Mob

This blog will cover all the lipstick & lace covered pieces of me. From product reviews, tutorials, Girl Talk Sessions, Tea Time Interviews with women you should know, Inspirational tidbits, and shop-able fashion posts. And possibly movie reviews of flicks with strong female leads. The jury is still out on that one.

Who’s Behind The Doll Mob?

I am a 30-year-old beauty & fashion entrepreneur who is completely and incomparably in love with all things fashion and beauty!


Because what’s an intro with a Snapchat Selfie?

It’s my goal to create a “space” that is entertaining and engaging to all women. Hopefully, you’ll enjoy getting to know me as you read the content as I am sure to spill my personality all over the pages!

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Send any requests, letters, etc. to

Disclaimer: This blog will feature affiliate items and links. Why? Because we gotta eat! However, my affiliation with different brands will never compromise the integrity of a review. I attempt to align myself and  The Doll Mob brand with companies I believe in and adore. Which makes keeping a high morale when creating content a piece of cake. To support The Doll on photos and links to purchase featured items .  PS. Not all items are from affiliates.


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