Beauty Wars: No7 Lift VS MAC

Hello Doll Babies…


Tis’ I! Your humble Doll Mob Commentator coming to you with a skincare beauty war review on a Makeup Monday.

Disclaimer: Now this is the thing about skin care reviews (for me). It’s easy to review cosmetics. Either the eye shadow is pigmented, the lipstick stays put, the mascara makes your lashes longer and thicker etc. etc. But with skin care it’s so different. Mainly because our skin is so different, and for so many reasons. What we eat, the type of skin care regimen we keep, how well you clean your brushes, the particles in the air around us, genetics etc., all have some say on our skin. What works for me may not work for you. Hell, what works for me now may not work for me in a few years.

You get the point. But for product/content sake I will push through with our eye cream beauty wars review.


Let’s begin with the brands claims:

MAC Fast Response Eye Cream is $32.00 &


“A super-charged, caffeinated cream that produces instant effects. De-puffs, erases the appearance of dark circles and firms the skin around the eye. Special optical diffusers diminish the appearance of fine lines.”


Lift & Luminate Eye Cream retails at $21.00 (@Target) &


  • Revitalizes, lifts and brightens skin

  • Visibly reduces the appearance of crow’s feet

  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles

  • Skin around eyes looks tighter and more toned

  • Intensely hydrating


Let’s see how both products measure up to our (my) senses!

Category: Packaging (sight)

And the winner isssss


Yea. I really wanted to go with MAC on this one. It’s been a while since I’ve purchased my Fast Response Eye Cream and I thought I remembered it coming in a sleek, small, and thin black box. I must’ve been projecting my love for most MAC product packaging onto this cream because clearly….there’s nothing too special about the box it comes in. Same goes for No7.I guess they keep it simple because it’s skin care which I can understand. Even still, this round ends in a tie like Mark so beautifully lipped for us.

Category: Texture (touch)


So as you can see No7’s eye cream looks more like lotion or an actual cream. While the look of MAC’s Eye Cream reminds me more of a serum. Strangely enough , looks aside, MAC feels more like a cream and NO7 is lighter like a serum.Go figure.

Because No7 is lotion like it goes on white and you have to make sure you rub it in. MAC’s eye cream is a bit thicker and seems to be a little greasier for lack of a better word. However, it goes on clear and it does fine with light pats. You don’t really want to get into the habit of rubbing anything under your eyes as the skin there is very sensitive and you’ll regret it in the end.

When applying both products to my face MAC feels really good going on. It’s probably the caffeine in the formula. NO7 doesn’t feel bad…it just feels like lotion.

And the texture winner issssss:

Winner 🙂

Category: Aroma

Before I get started here, let me just say that I love a cosmetic product that smells good. Lippies that smell like cake. Shadows that smell like peaches. They are the real MVPs(most valuable products) in my opinion. With that being said…this category was pretty easy. MAC’s products smell like a little piece of a cloud escaped from heaven and slid past your nostrils. It’s faint, it’s sweet, it’s something you enjoy applying, and a smell you can’t get enough of because it’s here and then it’s gone. The eye cream is no different.

NO7 attempted a sweet nostril cloud aroma but ended up being more like a little semi-sweet piece of nostril clay.


In all fairness. When not side by side with MAC goodness it doesn’t smell all that bad. It’s like a skin care cream that they tried to make sweeter. But it still smells like a skin care product if that makes any sense. So yea.

The Beauty Wars Aroma winner issssss

Winner 🙂



Category: Functionality & size


Both MAC & NO7 we’re thoughtful enough to add a thin nozzle to the end of the tube which makes the application around the eye a lot easier and less stressful. As far as size goes they both have 15ml  /0.5 US fL Oz. Also important but not necessarily relevant to the category..both products have a life of 6 months.

Our Functionality and Size winner isssss

Everyone wins

Off topic how adorable is this baby! OMG those cheeks.

On topic: Another tie!

Last Category Performance & Price:

I feel like it’s a little foul of me to combine these two categories because clearly No7 wins in the price department coming in at $21.99. VS MAC’s eye cream which retails at $32.00. However, we’re already at 800 words so……… But As far as performance goes MAC is the better eye cream. Which at over $30 it should be. I applied both products to an eye at the start of this review and my MAC eye is slightly less puffy. Mind you, as I got older, weirdly enough, my top eye lid is starting give me more of a bag issue. Well, right above my lid. While neither product completely rid me of the issue I definitely saw more results with MAC.

& So Our Beauty Wars Eye Cream winner issssss

Winner 🙂

MAC’s acceptance speech:

i win

I honestly feel a little bad about this one. That’s much like putting Whitney Houston (RIP) in a singing competition with Halle Berry. Halle never said she could sing! NO7 doesn’t make the “fast acting” de-puffing claims that MAC does. As a matter of fact, NO7 says you see results within 4 weeks of using the product regularly. That was kind of an unfair fight. Now, MAC is the . I can’t take that from them. But in closing I’d like to say that No7 is not a bad product.

Loser 😦


I actually use my No7 eye cream every morning in conjunction with my No7 lift and luminate serum. It’s no MAC, but it’s affordable and I don’t cringe every time I apply it thinking of having to get another tube. I reserve my fast response for my bridal clients and special occasions. So it’s not a horrible idea to have both in your beauty arsenal.


Anywho..if you want to see more beauty wars like, share, comment and most of all subscribe so that you won’t miss what we’re into next week!


Until next time Dolls! ❤ ❤ 3 ❤

The Doll Mob Originator


Summer Makeup: Melt Proof Your Makeup in 3 steps.

Spring greetings doll babies!

It’s beginning to feel a lot like Summer and one question I always encounter around this time of the year is: How do I get my makeup to stay on in all this heat? Good question! No easy answers. Let’s just say that there are only a few ways around the face meltdown. One is staying inside and we’re going to cover 3 of the other’s here.

Melting Faces

Let’s jump right into it shall we….


If your Primer, BB Cream, and or Foundation aren’t SPF inclusive…you’re on the fast track to heartache by heat.  While this ingredient isn’t as important during your winter/fall makeup routine, Spring and Summer faces need more protection from these disrespectful and unrelenting UV Rays. Now this isn’t just a beauty tip. This is a health tip as well. Skin cancer is real and the ultraviolet rays from the sun and tanning beds are fighting for the #1 stop of skin cancer causes.

Here are a few of my client’s SPF foundation favorites.

hello-flawless-oxygen-wow-hero_smBenefit’s Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow Brightening makeup is perfect for summer months and one of my dolls favs for two reasons. 1st and most apparently, because of the Broad Spectrum SPF 25 included in the product. Secondly but just as important….it’s oil-free. One of the things foundations and other face creams include that they don’t rave about…is oil. That isn’t a horrible thing for people with ultra dry skin. Or even people with normal skin in the winter months. However, even dryer skin that is warmed up by the sun and “moisturized” with perspiration will find it’s own natural oils.

This particular foundation is $36.00. It is available in 10 shades with the fairest being Ivory-Believe In Me and the deepest being Nutmeg-Gotta Know Me.

Next up:


Colorescience is one of the most skin health conscience makeup brands I’ve come across to date. With that being said….I’m really excited but not surprised that their Sunforgettable Brush on Sunscreen SPF 50 Face powder was recognized as last year’s best beauty buy by Instyle Magazine. It’s also recommended for daily use by the skin cancer foundation  PLUS it was New Beauty’s Beauty Choice Award product winner. You can wear this product alone for a sheer protective coverage or on top of your foundation/BB cream as an extra protective layer.

It costs $64 BUT it’s said to be a 3 month supply of protection perfection in one container. There are only 4 shades: Fair-Medium-Tan-Deep. Which either makes it easier to choose or harder to find your shade.

Moving on…

Black Opal

This is one of the more affordable options for sun blocking beauty.  At $9.99  the Black Opal True Color Stick foundation sticks are a beauty arsenal must have. And not just because they’re affordable. Although that is 60% of the reason in all honesty. Aside from the fact that you’ll get change back from your $20 when purchasing, the pore blurring formula is SPF 15. Self Magazine has named it one of 3 best selling drugstore beauty products of all time… and you wanna know why? Well, I’m going to tell you I hope you wanna know. It’s because with  16 full coverage shades ranging from cool nude to ebony brown,  it’s definitely an “every girl” product because you’re sure to find your perfect shade. Lastly, another factor that puts it sky high on the coin friendly list is that it’s multi-purposed!

You know how I feel about affordable multi purposed full coverage foundations!

I lover her

Rita gets it. Contour, highlight, full coverage application…all in one product. That’s what I call kit candy!

HERE’S WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT FACE PRODUCTS WITH SPF IN THEM……..when photographed in darker places where the light is not natural light but the camera’s flash there is a 95% chance that outcome is going to be the dreaded zombie face. You know where your face looks an ungodly shade of light gray and your eyes glow a bit green? Yeah so, to avoid this horrible happenstance,  I suggest you add SPF products to your daytime makeup routine and use natural light for photos during the day. At night, at highly photographed events etc. Ditch the sunscreen and quite literally save face in your photos.

#2 Shine Control.

Now that we’ve gotten the “foundation” of the application out of the way, next comes shine control. There are honestly a ton of products that claim to control your oils, allows your makeup last for 48 hours or longer, etc. etc. Honestly, in my years as a professional I haven’t found any quick fix solutions to summer oils. Unless you’re a plastic doll, you’re gonna sweat and you’re going to be oily. The amount of oil would of course depend on your skin type. Regardless of skin type my advice for shine control is blotting paper and translucent powders.

E.L.F happens to have a few super affordable options which I’ll list for you below. BUT if you want the #1 selling Drugstore brand blotting paper visit Neutrogena.

Elf Shine Eraser

I’ll start off by saying that these bad boys are only $1.00. I honestly haven’t tried the blotting papers but at $1.00 it doesn’t hurt your pockets to try them out for yourself. The green tea extract infused Shine Eraser blotting sheets come 30 in a pack and are said to:

“…instantly absorb oil, minimize pores and transforms shiny skin into gorgeous matte perfection.”

ELF BLotting papers.jpg

The E.L.F blotting papers that I have tried are the Mattifying Blotting Papers which are $5.00 at Elf hits us with another frugal beauty banger when they combined both of your shine control agents in one cute little sheet. That’s right dolls, a translucent powder infused blotting paper. They also have a unique spongey applicator vs the regular paper sheets.  Though it doesn’t eliminate shine all day, it doesn’t promise to. And they work really well!

Lastly, one of my favorite Translucent powders (tying with NYX for #2) is E.L.F’s High definition powder. #1 all time favorite coming from MAC.High Definition Powder ELF

This is also Kit Candy! For all of my makeup enthusiasts new ready to explore the world of makeup artistry. Spend $6 and get you some of this stuff right now. Well after reading this, of course. Because it’s a translucent powder it’s super versatile and can be used on all clients. I’d recommend that you have some “holy water” handy after you’re done setting your face with any powder (especially translucent powder). And by holy water I mean MAC’s Fix Plus which you would’ve known if you’ve read my most popular review to date!  Do that! But after this.

So yeah, translucent powder is a must have in every kit BUT it’s not a one size fits all product. If you have deeper skin like me and you don’t have a setting spray or finisher handy to bring your face back to life after apply powder products, I suggest that you only apply the product in your Tzone or where ever you experience the most oil throughout the day. That is also the area you’re going to be using your blotting papers on as well.

#3 Go Waterproof it!

No one likes to be Rebecca Raccoon Eyes. Well, maybe if you’re going for a raw grunge-esque result that might tickle your fancy. But for me, it’s a bad day when my mascara moves and runs and smudges my lids (especially my lower lid.) For that problem they have so graciously invented waterproof mascaras and liners!

My absolute favorites are from Benefits Cosmetics:



The Bad Gal Waterproof Mascara ($19) and Eyeliner ($20) are also kit candy. I know, I dropping gems in this one. Because makeup artists are usually hired for events, and there’s a ton of dancing, crying, and photography at most events, waterproof product is a necessity not an option when it comes to what’s in your kit.

It’s no surprised that one of makeup’s toughest untamed villains is sweat! So having waterproof eye makeup as well as stain blushes and lip products can definitely be the difference between a patti melt and pretty face at the end of a long Summer day.

Well those are the basics doll babies. I hope this help you keep your face fresh and your skin healthy! A few freebies…you may want to go lighter on your regular application on hooter days…whatever lighter means for you. It could mean opt for a BB Cream VS medium coverage. Or Using an SPF powder opposed to a cream product. Either way…on 100 degree days believe me when I say lighter is better! You can also invest in an airbrush machine. Which is actually a really good idea in terms of makeup artistry and personal application perfection. 70% of brides prefer airbrush makeup because of it’s “stay put under stressful conditions” power.

Check out Temptu’s airbrush kits by clicking here or the banner below.

Until next time Lovelies!

The Doll Mob Salutation

Prom 2k16

Every year around this time I am up to my roots in lashes + concealer and clean out of free time. Weddings, proms, graduations, photo shoots, bridal and fashion shows, you name it… it’s being done in mass numbers during the Spring and Summer months. Because these are some of the most photographed events of people’s lives they of course want to look their best and aren’t willing to take the chance or deal with the DIY stress.

Which is where I come in. And where our post for today begins. My weekend was hectic…so hectic that I ashamed to say I barely took any photos of any of my clients  (as if pushing the pic button would’ve made my day so much longer). Anyway, the beauty of doing what you love and loving what you do is that the love is blended with skills and delivers a flawless and happy client.Why is a flawlessly happy client an MUA’s remedy for forgetting or refusing to stop to take pictures? 1 word-SELFIES

That’s right! Client selfies are just as good as testimonials and twice as good with a love not attached.

So, before we see the selfie(s) in question…..Let’s meet our Prom doll!


Noe B4

Noe R.  2k16 Senior in Va Beach, VA.

Noe was a beautiful young lady that who had been looking forward to her prom day since she booked with me. She went with “The Celebrity Doll” service from new Service Catalog. The great thing about the service catalog is that you can choose any service and customize it to your personal preference. While the Celebrity Doll service featured stacked Strip lashes and an ombre lips Noe wanted a deep contour, a smokey eye, and an otherwise neutral face.

Here’s What we came up with:

Noe Selfie

*Insert Heart Eyes Emoji*

Before we get to the dets (and they’re coming). Let’s do a quick side by side of the 1st photo and the after photo….

Before and After 2

The Transformation

Because Noe wanted a heavy contour and because I didn’t want her to look like she had played in mud with her fair skin. I decided to use a few shades to contour starting with the lighter (red brown) shade and blending in a darker brown. I absolutely loveeeee a matte lip (in case you didn’t know) so I opted for a nude matte lip that would last longer while she danced the night away.

The Details

The Face
Applied Graftobian HD Glamour Creme Foundation All over face (including eyelids and neck).

Used MAC pro longwear concealer in NC 25 (Highlight) and NW45(Contour) which was set with NYX Translucent powder. Applied Mineralize Skinfinish in Sunpower (bronzer).BH Cosmetics Contour Palette. A blush from BH Cosmetics followed by Mineralize Skinfinish in Lightscapade(Highlight).

AND of course Holy Water…MAC’s Fix Plus Prep & Prime Fluid

The Lips

NYX lip pencil in Natural (Fill entire lip over exaggerated cupids bow a tad). Filled with a lippie cocktail of NYX Matte Lip Cream in Stockholm & London

The Eyes

Lids: BH Cosmetics 5th Edition Palette & MAC loose pigment in Vanilla in the inner corners
Brows: BH Cosmetics Brow Pro Brow Palette (Black and Brown)
Lashes: Ardell Long Individual Lashes

I was so lucky to have a selfie sufficient client like Noe on such a crazy Saturday!


This…..This is why I do it. I do it for the slayy lol AND for text message from my clients at 8am the next morning… like this one

Client Testimonial Text

Nothing better….

So, if you know a Senior in the Hampton Roads Virginia area let them know that there are discounts waiting for them at http://www.TiffanyDolls.comAfter 3

Top 5 MAC Lipsticks for Brides

Tis’ the season to get married! Which means there are several brides and bridesmaids looking for the perfect EVERYTHING for the special occasion.  In reverence of the season we’ll be looking at 5 lipsticks from MAC Cosmetics that are wedding worthy and wearable for every skin tone.

Disclaimer: MAC’s collection of lipstick is just 2 short of 200 colors. There are more than enough to choose from if you disagree.


SIDENOTE:, you should know…that ALL MAC lippies smell like cake. This is not a review but I thought you should know that whether Matte, Lustre, Gloss, or Shimmer they are yummy and will make the kiss at the alter that much more enjoyable for Mr. Right.

MAC Creme Cup Lipstick

Creme Cup is a soft pinkish nude color lippie that holds the top spot for bridal lipstick picks. It’s subtle, feminine, natural color that can be paired with any looks that range from barely there to daytime drama.

MAC Candy Yum Yum Lipstick


Candy Yum Yum is a vivid hot pink color that’s perfect for Spring Summer weddings. If you’re a bride who’s looking to add a “pop of color” to your wedding look it’s possible that considering this lippie first will say you some time.


MAC RubyWoo Lipstick

This is one of MAC’s signature red lipsticks. Ruby Woo is a true to red bold and beautiful lipstick that is cross culturally perfect for a wedding day.  If you’re going red and going to MAC …go Ruby Woo.

MAC Sushi Kiss Lipstick

This is the prettiest peach lipstick I’ve ever laid eyes on. Another Spring/Summer bridal banger, this lipstick will compliment any skin tone and pair well with just about any eye look.


MAC Instigator Lipstick

This lipstick is a deep wine/berry color and is perfect for the brides who want to add a bit of vamp beauty to their makeup look. It’s sultry, romantic, and perfect for winter/fall brides.

SO if you’re out bridal beauty shopping or will be soon, and you plan to visit a MAC counter try on your favorite. If it’s not quite what you want the artist that’s assisting you can help you find a shade that is warmer, cooler etc.


Happy Lipstick Shopping Dolls ❤

Makeup Monday: The Makeup Artist Spotlight.

Q: Knowing what you know now…what advice would  you tell your 15 year old self?
A: When I was 15, I remember I could not wait to grow up, so I could wear makeup, high heels and other things adults do. But now I regret for that. My advice to 15 year old me is that every age has its own purpose. Enjoy your youth and your peace of mind. Be more confident, feel free to show your feelings. It doesn’t matter what others think, what matters is what you think of yourself.
Q: What’s your definition of beauty?
A: Many people think that beauty is when you have a nice dress, and a nice makeup. I do not think so. My definition of beauty is not contained in the external appearance but the inner beauty. Beauty is when you’re satisfied with yourself as you are, nothing in this world you can buy cannot make you beautiful, except you.
Q: What motivates you generally?
A: I am motivated by the people I love, also by the people I admire. A job that I love gives me an extra motivation, and a wish to success too. But the most important I am my motivation.
Q:  What’s your secret to making a bad day better?
A: On a bad day there’s always lipstick 🙂
❤ You’ve got that right gorgeous! There’s always lipstick! ❤

12 Days of Christmas(Day 1): The Perfect Time to be Too Faced ?

Per the usual Holiday antics  we are expected to be nice all year around and naughty dolls get lumps of coal in their stockings. BUT what if, in some perfect Christmas Nirvana, all the complicated, slightly cranky, over protective, self-spoiled, makeup obsessed, procrastinators with beautiful souls got TooFace cosmetics in their stockings  opposed to coal. I for vote YES and will be sending the petition around to other beautiful souls such as myself so that we can have that memo to Santa by Christmas eve.

(Don’t judge my dreams.)

Moving on. Until I get that petition going I’ll more than likely refrain from holding my breath or my stocking in hopes to get chocolate TooFaced goodies. What I will be doing thanks to the wonderful world of Instagram is spending all my little coins on bronzers, lippies, and shadows. Before I get into my picks, allow me to share my addiction like a bff would.


Here are some of the most gorgeous TooFaced Faces on IG. AND YES, you will want to follow these faces to solidify your cosmetic lives.










Vegas Nay


Right! And that’s not even half of the flawless  conspiracy TooFaced Cosmetics has concocted on the Gram to take allll of my money this Christmas.

I’ve heard so many yummy things about the new chocolate inspired collection that I have got to get my matte wine colored almond shaped mani on that Cocoa contour palette so help me.

Cocoa contour

It’s Ridiculous!

Before I leave you to love on these beautiful beats and chocolate goodies I also wanted to share the 2nd ….or 3rd reason I’ll be purchasing Too faced cosmetics this season.

The 12 Days of Beauty Sale!

12 Days of Beauty

Every day there’s a new deal and it’s driving me crazy. BUT it’s the type of crazy you enjoy being drove to. Anyway, don’t miss the sales because IF you’re gonna shop you might as well save!

All of the photos used in this post were originally posted on Too Faced Cosmetic’s Instagram page. I did not take the photos nor are they are not photos of me. But you knew that, right?


As always, feel free to email The Doll Mob with your questions,comments, and letters to the mob. I love reading your emails so keep them coming!

EXTRAS: Not sure what to get the beauty lover in your life? Are you the the beauty lover in your life? It’s all good! Enjoy my list of Christmas Beauty Do’s below.

Anastasia Beverly Hills ‘Dipbrow Pomade’ Waterproof Brow Color • Anastasia Beverly Hills • $16.20

M·A·C ‘Pro Longwear’ Paint Pot • M·A·C • $22

Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Cream Kit • Anastasia Beverly Hills • $40

Urban Decay ‘Naked2’ Palette • Urban Decay • $54

M·A·C ‘Viva Glam’ Lipstick • M·A·C • $17

Nyx Cosmetics Soft Matte Lip Cream • NYX • $5.99

M·A·C ‘Prep + Prime’ Fix+ Finishing Mist • M·A·C • $22

M·A·C ‘Mineralize’ Skinfinish Natural • M·A·C • $32

Smashbox ‘Photo Op’ Under-Eye Brightener • Smashbox • $20

Too Faced Melted Liquified Long Wear Lipstick • Too Faced • $21

M·A·C Fluidline • M·A·C • $16.50

M·A·C ‘Irresistibly Charming – Gold’ Mini Pigments & Glitter Set (Limited Edition) • M·A·C • $35

Tom Ford Lip Color • Tom Ford • $52

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

My 2 Favorite Faces of 2015

Greetings Dolls and Gents!

December is here and that means the end of the year is drawing near. So much has happened this year! I’ve had one of the worse days in my life this year, followed by some iconic breakthroughs and incredible growth. While it wasn’t the best year of my life, it was most definitely a turning point. I learned so much about myself as a woman as well as an entrepreneur in 2015 that even the worst day couldn’t have changed the fact that  I know my best days are yet to come…

Moving on! I  came by to share my 2 favorite faces of 2015. I can’t even begin to count how many I’ve had, but trust me when I say it’s a bunch. To narrow it down to 2 may have been a miracle in itself. I didn’t do as well narrowing down the looks for the new Doll inspired service catalog on the new TiffanyDolls OnDemand ( …which is still being designed. Rest assure my 2 favs will be front and center.  That’s the beauty of being the boss.

But here goes…….

This is my #1 fave, my go to look, my “everyday” face.

End of the day

Bold brows, natural/neutral eyes, lashes, a peachy flesh toned blush and a nude  lippie. It’s appropriate for Interviews, grocery shopping, church, court, work, school, dinner or lunch date,  and anywhere else you find yourself on a regular day. I also love that what you have on isn’t a factor at all with this look. From joggers and sneakers to a pencil skirt and heels this look is a do!

Because this gives you a very polished “natural” look I’ve added this look to the service catalog as “The Modest Doll”.  You’ll be hearing alot more and more about the new Doll Inspired service catalog on TiffanyDolls OnDemand. PLUS opportunities for my lovely beauty and fashion blogger dolls. But’s that’s another post entirely.

My #2 fav face of 2015 is the exact opposite of my 1st. This look features an even bolder brow, a bronzed contour, stacked lashes, and a butter pecan nude lipstick. The biggest difference is what makes this look a fav of mine……The black eyeshadow. Many people stay away from the color black when it comes to makeup. Most of the time you’ll see the tiniest pencil brush lightly dabbed in a black shadow and strategically put on the outer ‘V’ of the eye to enhance a look. While I do that as well, when it comes to a sultry, smokey lid my absolute favorite is this look. It’s perfect for parties, clubs, photo shoots, fashion shows, galas, or any event that calls for glam.

Closeup FAVORITE4 Final

Due to it being a favorite of mine AND due to my love reminding that it’s also Chuckie’s wife Tiffany’s signature eye look it will be called “The Tiffany Doll” in the new TiffanyDolls OnDemand service catalog.

So, these are my favorites faces of 2015. I’d love to see your favorite looks of this year! Feel free to tag me or comment on this post with the link when you post!

As always,  email us at to inquire about virtual makeup classes, submit your letters to the mob, suggest topics, ask beauty/fashion related questions, just to say hi etc. etc.