Doll of the Day Recap!!

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Hopefully, the new year is treating you well thus far! I am in overdrive trying to get reorganized with things changing or expanding so rapidly, but not too busy to recognize a few more than pretty women that you should defintiely follow on IG.


@iamKimHill is a real estate mogul who is promised to fill your feed with stylish home decor, real estate tips and more.


@Shylamiles is a writer, producer, director, author, and such an amazing creative spirit! She is undoubted beautiful, but the fact that she is humble and deserving of the success she has realized is even more beautiful n my eyes. Pick up Broken Promises the novel and catch Broken Promises the movie this Spring! We ❤ her!


@iamdjgloss is an award winning dj, writer, mother, and model who is creating her own lane in what some would call a male dominated industry. She is talented, supportive, and not afraid to be  exactly who she is. Follow @iamdjgloss to keep up with her musical modeling journey.

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Doll Of The Day Recap

As a female entrepreneur and business owner, I feel a social responsibility to be the type of role model that society all too often overlooks. The type of woman little girls and teens aspire to be because we are strong, intelligent, supportive and positive in addition to “pretty”.

Society puts so many often unrealistic standards on beauty, success, independence etc. that I thought it to be vital that I use whatever platform I have in order to shine a light on the women who deserve to be labeled role models.

So, Every weekday on the TheDollMob  (INSTAGRAM) Monday-Friday I’ll be featuring women who not only inspire me but whom I feel will inspire the future generation of women. If you are not a follower on IG click the link above or below to DO IT!





She’s TRULY an inspiration because not only is she #health conscience, #active, and amazingly #fit 💪 she is an amazing tatted #mother😍.I struggle in the active area with no children (0👶). She puts me to shame pushing that stroller on her morning run!😒 Soooo Kudos to you beautiful! You #inspire us to DO. #Follow@_fitslife_ to get your fit life & #follow us for more #morethanpretty #bossbabefeatures


She is an #HIV #Aids #Activist #Author#Founder #Philanthropist #Entrepreneurand all around #SuperWoman. We appreciate and admire her transparency bc her story is such an inspiration to other#WomenInBusiness #Follow@iamandreawalker for seeds of strength💪 and. #Follow us for more #morethanpretty#bossbabe features. PS…look for her book “A Beautiful Struggle” on Amazon.


She is a NC MUA and therefore a woman after our own ❤. Beautiful, Supportive, and drawn to positivity😍 How do we know? Because we pay attention👀.#Follow this #beauty and her #beat to get your #cosmetic life. @shielamoore


💋💋💋 She is beautiful, ambitious, supportive, confident and #Curvy. & Our very 1st#DollOfTheDay. 👑 Keep your eyes peeled👀 for this up and coming #plussize #model from FL.


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As always, I encourage you to be the kind of woman the world needs..the kind of woman who prides herself on being #MoreThanPretty.

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Brand Building Memoirs

Today you’ll be taking a ride with me as we ask ourselves one very important question:

What does your personal brand say about your business as a whole?

The overall goal of branding is to differentiate yourself and your business from competitors or businesses in the same market. I’m sure you’ve heard the quote “It’s all been done before”, and while this is true personal branding is your way of replying…”But not by me!” It can be arduous finding the road less taken in a highly competitive industry,  however if successful, the growth of your brand and development of your business will make a great reward.

#1 Ask yourself, “what do I want” and then write it down– When I began my entrepreneurial journey I had no “end goal”.  My purpose was survival. Of course, I enjoyed the thought of being my own boss, but what drove me was exiting the cycle of struggle I had seen my mother fight with all of my life. As I got deeper into my business, and it became more than my next meal I realized that “escaping struggle” was my motivation not my goal.  It’s good to note the “why” so that in the event you get discouraged it’ll be there to remind you, but the “what” is your vehicle to realizing your dreams. What do you want to accomplish? What relevant need is your brand fulfilling?

It’s vital to be honest to who you are when building your brand. If you’re creative, free spirited, and relaxed you would want your brand to convey that. It’s much easier to get people to believe in you when you believe in yourself. Some people will prefer the strict and solemn type, and that’s okay! You will find that it’s more valuable to be able to be yourself and  love what you do than land a position that affords you everything but your identity.

#2 Research. Put some time into researching people who have actually made it to where you aspire to be and note their journey. Notice I said note their journey and not live their journey. We can imitate the exact plan of someone who’s been successful  and still fail.  Note their strategies, their hardships and how they overcame them, the steps it took to get to where you’d like to be, how many times they were told no. These are all interesting yet necessary aspects of the branding process that it would benefit you to plan for or  at least expect.

#3 Define your brand When I decided to get serious and really “own” my business, I wasn’t sure what I wanted my brand to convey. Of course, at first I wanted luxury. A luxurious beauty and fashion brand that spread across the world before I even had time to create a vision board. It sounds absolutely ridiculous while typing it, but that’s what I wanted, or what I wanted to represent. As you now know from the beginning of this article that couldn’t have been further from my reality. Of course ,I could have spent money I didn’t have to invest in high quality luxurious & convincing advertisements, but the type of clientele that would attract would most definitely feel my brand is misrepresented when I arrive.

Am I rude, sloppy, or incompetent, I like to think not. But the truth is, I don’t have the funds to invest in keeping up a luxurious appearance. I most definitely wouldn’t have the money after running those luxurious ads. Because appearance is an intricate part of building a brand I decided to avoid being broke and embarrassed and I built a brand that reminded me…..well of me.


Who am I? Well, I have tattoos, piercings, almond shaped matte wine colored nails (at the moment), lashes, locs, and a serious certifiable lipstick obsession. At first glance, you more than likely wouldn’t attribute this article, my businesses, my ambition, or many of my thoughts to me. So, when asking myself what I wanted from my brand my answer was “freedom”. Freedom  from stereotypes and labels“. I wanted the freedom to be in love with lipstick and literature,  to adore pearls and tattoos.

I desired to seen for not only my physical appearance and related skills but my desire for depth, my ambition, and my resilience, because that is what I believed beautiful was.That was to be the foundation of my brand.

In being true to my definition, I hoped to inspire other women who came in contact with me to be everything that they are and not who society thought they should be. That was my goal.

Note: The beauty of being a part of a creative industry like the fashion or beauty industry is that it’s ok to be different. You’re not expected to be in a suit and tie at all times and you would serve better having and showing your personality than not. Not all industries embrace creative individualism so always be mindful of your industry’s standards of perception.

#4 Examine your current position. Who do people already think that you are?  While it is possible to change the minds of your audience it’s much easier when you now what you’re up against.  If you’ve already started to establish your business ask your existing clients to describe your brand in a few words (literally 3). This will push them to prioritize and choose the words that matter most. If you’re in the planning stages allow your friends and family to be your mirror and ask them to describe you in a few words, after are your brand. If you don’t like the results. Devise a plan to change the way you and/or your brand is perceived and put that plan into action immediately.

#5 Start Now. It’s never too early to start branding! You may have no clue what you want to do specifically, but you’re positive of the industry. That’s okay! Begin branding yourself as someone who belongs there…. somewhere by showing your knowledge on related topics and networking with people in that particular industry. Begin building a presence that is complimentary to the industry you see yourself in. Blogging is a great way to interact with people who are interested in a specific topic. Maybe join a Meetup group. If you’re into beauty, fashion, or photography it may be beneficial to sign up with

#6 Manage Your Brand Your brand is your baby and as my mother used to say in reference to my sister and I, “if they are too quiet, check on ’em.” Your brand needs constant supervision. Constant molding, nurturing, and effort. Don’t be afraid to utilize the force that is social media. About that, if you’re the drunk tweeting type get separate accounts for your business and personal life. It’s best to refrain from social media altogether when you’re not sober, but for those who like to live on the edge get a personal account. Thank me later. Even with my brand being a more rebellious

#7 Protect Your Brand. You’re representing your brand regardless of what time it is, where you are, and who you are with. Always be mindful of your personal brand which includes but isn’t limited to behavior and physical appearance. Everyone is a potential client.

Continuously check your circle. There are people who you are used to being around that aren’t meant to go on this journey with you. That sounds a little tough, but sometimes reality is just that. Tough. Keep your circle tight and surround yourself by people who push you to be the best you. People who honor your goals and respect your grind. You don’t have to hide from people you know, but it’s almost guaranteed that if you replace the things you used to do with events that can better your career and expose your brand you’ll attract different people.

BONUS:  3 C’s of branding 

Clarity-B clear about who you are, who you’re not, and who you’d like to service.

Consistency– Be consistent with your brand message. This includes social media, networking events, as well as personal events.

  • Constancy-If you want to build a strong brand you must always be visible to your customer. “Out of sight..out of mind” has never bee more detrimental.

Take away :

#1 The “why” keeps you going the “what” gets you there (equally important to consider. You will find that it’s more valuable to be able to be yourself and  love what you do than land a position that affords you everything but your identity.

#2 Do your research! It has all been done before, just not by you.

#3 Be sure to define your brand or someone else will.

#4 Continuously assess your brand’s current perception.

#5 Start Branding NOW! Build a website, get Business cards, blog, reply to popular blogs, attend local industry events, begin networking, make connections..

#6 Stay on top of marketing. Use social media to build a presence WHEN YOU’RE SOBER. Adelle will tell you the impact of drunk tweeting is real.

#7 Lastly, Protect your brand by any means.

Thanks so much for reading, and as always I wish you much success…

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Entrepreneurship: Transitioning from a worker to a boss

Greetings Doll babies!

I wrote a quick Linkedin Article this morning on entrepreneurship that I wanted to share with you being as though I know alot of my dolls are currently freelance artists, bloggers, enthusiasts etc. Because we’re not connected on Linkedin I thought I’d just add it her as well.

You can view and comment on the original post here.


“Transitioning from A Worker to a Boss”

Let me start by saying I’m no professional business consultant. A massive amount of my skill set came from “natural talent” and was nurtured/preened by my hunger to succeed and need to make a better life for myself. In other words…I’m self-educated in terms of business and am speaking solely from my experience as an entrepreneur.

 I’d like to share the 5 key points that I’ve discovered while transitioning from a “worker” to a “boss”. 5 details that I believe will be beneficial regardless of your journey to entrepreneurship.

1.You can not be afraid of failure. Do yourself a favor and face entrepreneurship knowing that failure is inevitable. Tell yourself, “Something I try, a plan that I make, a promising connection I think I have, is going to fail. But that’s fine.” I’m sure you can think of a personal situation that didn’t work according to plan. Whether it be a romantic situation, a fashion/beauty choice, or a shortcut on a back road… everyone has experienced failure. But something magical happens once the embarrassment wears off and that post-failure jewel is Growth. After your heart was broken, that lipstick looked horrible, those jeans were ill-fitting, or that shortcut turned into a dark dead end…you learned something and hopefully applied what you learned to future situations.

” Failure is the mother of success.”

Remember, there’s worst things in the world than failing. For starters, giving up! Know that you will fail and believe you will overcome those bumps in the road.

“Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will”

2.Focus on your strengths, not weaknesses. Society has trained us to look at solving interpersonal issues from a “what’s wrong” point of view. We now recite popular antidotes like, ” first you must recognize the problem”, “embrace your flaws”  among others which have reminded us we should aim to work from the bottom up. When doing so, you focus on the negative aspects  of those you encounter as well as yourself. Is it important to be aware of your flaws and weaknesses? Short answer: Yes, of course. Superman would have been a really short series if he never learned of kryptonite if for no other reason because ignoring your weaknesses doesn’t make everyone else blind to them. However, if Superman would have focused on the fact that kryptonite was his one weakness he would have had no time to do what he was good at…saving the world.

Moral: The overall goal is not to avoid or fear your weakness, but to focus on and nurture your strengths despite being mindful of your weaknesses. If you have yet to begin your entrepreneurial journey and you’re trying to decide what type of business to start. Think of the things you’re naturally good at, research how to build on those talents and pair them with acquired skill, and lastly figure out how to make those skills and talents work for you. The beauty of being a boss is there is absolutely no limit to the possibilities.  You name a market or industry and I’ll show you an entrepreneur within that industry who started with nothing more than a dream and ambition.

If you’re a current business owner and you’re struggling with your kryptonite don’t be afraid to pair up with someone who is stronger in the areas that you are weakest so that you can focus on what you’re best at while possibly learning a thing or two.

3. Be prepared to lose sleep. Because your vision is so bright and in some cases ever changing, it’s really hard for most entrepreneurs to “clock-out”.  Whether you have a physical office space, you work from home, or on the go the lines of personal time are quite often blurred by ….well, work! It’s your responsibility to create an entity that satisfies your dreams and that’s a huge responsibility. Believe me, I know.  Because of the enormous task place before every entrepreneur, sometimes to not be working seems irresponsible. At least this is the case for me.

“No one slept and saw your dreams but you. Don’t be afraid to dream alone and wakeup grinding the same way.”-The Doll Mob

Your vision is your own and no one is more passionate about it than you.

Quick Side Note:  Burnout is real, so take care of yourself. In my opinion, “I’ll sleep when I’m dead” isn’t a motto entrepreneurs should live by. Lack of rest can lead to making horrible decisions, health problems, and under eye bags that can not be covered by the best concealer. Quite frankly, the “when I’m dead” aspect can come quicker than expected when you’re not taking care of yourself and you would probably want to see your plans come to fruition.

Still, while you shouldn’t be sleep deprived, you can expect to have several late nights, early mornings. I once heard someone say “Give it your all, unless you’re giving blood”. In other words, If it doesn’t affect your health and well-being, in the words of a legacy brand known as Nike  “Just do it”.

4. Expect to get acquainted with sacrifice. I can honestly say that my generation  has a blurred perception when it comes to “Being a Boss”. For some reason, it’s thought to be inclusive of tons of money and even more free time to spend it. I could blame the media and hip hop/pop culture, but the truth is people believe what they want. I’m sure we’d all agree that it’s  easier to believe you can realize a dream when it comes as easily as the dream did while you slept.

While this may be the reality for some lucky soul, the majority of the boss population has become accustomed to making sacrifices. Those shoes you want will no longer be in the budget due to investing in marketing and advertising, the day party you’ve been planning for since last year may have to be put on the back burner to attend an important business meeting, and the list goes on and on.

“Entrepreneurship is  living a few years of your life like most people won’t so you can spend the rest of your life like  most people can’t” -Unknown

We (entrepreneurs) are the mothers and fathers of our dreams, and like any loving parent you must be willing to surrender your selfishness to ensure the health of your baby. Be prepared to give up the things you want or may even be used to, to accommodate the needs of your brand. It’ll be worth it.

5.Remain flexible. There is much to say about the amount of time we spend planning when it comes to our businesses. Location, price points, competition, funding, building your team or whether to have a team, marketing strategies, advertising campaigns, networking events etc. etc.   Is this planning necessary? Yes, of course! You do not want to jump into any market without first doing your research. However, the goal is to get from point A (which could be an idea or business plan) to Point B (which is the end result you’re aiming for). It’s easy to get stuck in one mode or on one course of action when you’ve invested so much of your time into creating a strategic plan.  This is the mistake.

Always focus on the result you’re looking for and be flexible in your methods. For instance, if you wanted a pair of Prada shades for Christmas and for some odd reason Prada refused to deliver them to you, would you not look to Saks, Bloomingdale’s, and the like before you gave up on your Christmas wish list? I sure would. It’s the same concept when it comes to building your business. One door may not be opening and one road may be closed, but don’t let that discourage you! Planning is necessary, but flexibility is key.

So, here’s the take away:

  • Growth happens when you’re brave enough to fail.
  • Build your brand around your natural talent and strengths, and continuously develop  complimentary skills.
  • There is no such thing as “clocking out”. Always take care of yourself, but be prepared to be awake when everyone else you know is sleeping.
  • Making “boss moves” often requires great sacrifice.
  • Be ready to adapt. Train yourself to see obstacles as challenges, not failures.

One last thing..

From one entrepreneur to another, I truly hope you reach each goal and realize every dream.  Never forget that perseverance is an accomplishment.

-Tiffany Monique